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Porous chitosan (CS) polyelectrolyte complex (PEC) hydrogel microspheres were prepared via either wet phase-inversion or ionotropic crosslinking with sodium tripolyphosphate (Na+ - TPP) and dextran sulfate (DS). The resulting microspheres were characterized using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and elemental analysis (EA). The controlled release behavior of ibuprofen (IBU) from these microspheres was investigated. The PEC microspheres were about 700-950 microm in diameter with large pores and open porous structure. The CS/TPP/DS microspheres resisted hydrolysis in strong acid and biodegradation in enzymatic surroundings. The swelling kinetics for CS microspheres was close to Fickian diffusion, whereas those for CS/TPP and CS/TPP/DS were non-Fickian. Furthermore, the equilibrium water content (EWC) and water diffusion coefficient (D) increased with the pH of the media. The release profiles of IBU from CS/TPP/DS microspheres were slow in simulated gastric fluid (SGF, pH 1.4) over 3 h, but nearly all of the initial drug content was released in simulated intestinal fluid (SIF, pH 6.8) within 6 h after changing media. Overall the results demonstrated that CS/TPP/DS microspheres could successfully deliver a hydrophobic drug to the intestine without losing the drug in the stomach, and hence could be potential candidates as an orally administered drug delivery system.  相似文献
Water-soluble chitosan (WSC)/dextran sulfate (DS) was immobilized onto the surface of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) membrane after ozone-induced graft polymerization of poly(acrylic acid) (PAA). The surface was characterized with contact angle measurement and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). The adsorption of human plasma fibrinogen (HPF) followed the Langmuir adsorption isotherm. The results showed that the surface density of peroxides generated and poly(acrylic acid) (PAA) grafted reached the maximum value at 20 min of ozone treatment. It was found that the WSC- and DS-immobilized amount increased with pH and the molecular weight of WSC. The membrane/water interfacial free energy increased with PAA-grafting and WSC/DS-immobilization, indicating the increasing wettability of TPU membrane. The adsorption of HPF on TPU-WSC/DS membranes could be effectively curtailed and exhibited unfavorable adsorption. Moreover, WSC/DS immobilization could effectively reduce platelet adhesion and prolong the blood coagulation time, thereby membrane improving blood compatibility of TPU membrane. In addition, the in vitro cytotoxicity test of PEC modification was non-cytotoxic according to much low growth inhibition of L929 fibroblasts. Furthermore, TPU-WSC/DS membranes exhibited higher cell viability than native TPU membrane.  相似文献
负载型钴-钼氮化物的制备及吡啶加氢脱氮活性的研究   总被引:4,自引:1,他引:3  
以钼磷酸+硝酸钴,仲钼酸铵+硝酸钴,仲钼酸2铵为前体活性相组元及γ-Al2O3为载体,制备了负载型双(单)组元过渡金属氮化物「CoMoN-(Ⅰ,Ⅱ,Ⅲ),MoN-Ⅳ」,并利用BET,XPS,H2-TPE及Raman等手段进行了表征;以正己烷+环己烷+吡啶为模型底物考察了上述催化剂的吡啶加氢脱氮活性。  相似文献
姜黄属植物的植物化学研究进展   总被引:3,自引:0,他引:3  
尼龙1010等温结晶球晶形态与生成条件研究   总被引:3,自引:2,他引:1       下载免费PDF全文
 本文利用偏光显微镜研究了等温结晶时尼龙1010球晶的形态与生成条件,发现在原始样品熔点附近或高于原始熔点以上温度结晶,主要生成暗、亮与带正环的负光性放射状球晶;熔点以下至195℃主要生成正放射状球晶;在较宽的温度范围内可生成混合光性放射状球晶,与少量的六瓣、两瓣、不对称四瓣形三种异常光性球晶;181℃以下主要生成正环状球晶.  相似文献
通过两种不同的原位反应制备了丙烯酸钐/丁腈橡胶[Sm(AA)3/NBR]复合材料.SEM和TEM结果表明,原位反应使稀土配合物的粒径减小,且均匀地分散在基体聚合物中.荧光分析表明,以260nm作为激发波长时,两种复合材料在379nm(4D1/2,6P7/2→6H5/2)和418nm(4L15/2,4G1/2→6H5/2)处出现了与自由离子基本相同的发射峰(374和390nm),属于受配体微扰的中心离子发光.原位反应制备的复合材料在不同激发波长下的荧光强度均比非原位反应体系的荧光强度高.随着稀土含量的增加,其荧光强度增加,至稀土质量分数为30%时出现荧光猝灭.  相似文献
聚四氟乙烯经丙烯醇等离子体处理后,在其表面形成了一层亲水性的聚合物薄膜。水在表面的接触角为40—60°不等,由等离子体处理时间决定。对表面的全反射红外光谱、ESCA分析和SEM观测发现,等离子体处理后在原表面上形成的聚合物膜包含—CH_3、—CH_2、C=O和C—OH等基团,并且表面光滑、平整。  相似文献
The synthesis of three series of curcumin analogues with mono-carbonyl is described. Their in vitro anti-bacterial activities against seven Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria were tested and the effect of substituents on the aryl ring and the space structure of the linking strain were discussed. It was observed that part of the derivatives displayed significant activity when compared with curcumin and most of them exhibited activity against the ampicillin-resisted Enterobacter cloacae. Compounds A12, B09, B13, B14 and C09 show remarkable antibacterial activity in vitro. The result showed that heterocycle or long-chain substituents may enhance the activity of curcumin analogues.  相似文献
聚合物利用低温等离子体预辐照进行表面接枝共聚合已有报道.此方法的优点是接枝层被限制在聚合物表面,辐照过程对基材本体性质无影响,且整个过程对环境无污染. 用等离子体使聚合物表面产生自由基,不需要表面具有不饱和键或特殊官能团,因而适用于任何聚合物,甚至于一些无机物如玻璃等.利用等离子辐照后暴露于空气的聚合物表面上生成的过氧自由基或过氧化物进行接枝反应,一般接枝量不大.本工作中,我们自己设计了反应器,以超高分子量聚乙烯(UHMWPE)为基材,以甲基丙烯酸甲酯(MMA)为接枝单体,在无氧条件下利用等离子体辐照产生的表面自由基进行了接枝聚合,产物接枝量高达10%.还用顺磁共振技术对表面自由基性质及其在接枝过程中的行为进行了跟踪研究.  相似文献
本文合成了新显色剂,2-〔2-(5-溴苯并噻唑)偶氮〕-5-二甲氨基苯甲酸(5-Br-BTAMB),研究了在Triton X-100存在下它与镍的显色反应。发现在Triton X-100存在下,镍(Ⅱ)与5-Br-BTAMB形成稳定的蓝色配合物,其组成为Ni(Ⅱ):5-Br-BTAMB=1:2,最大吸收波长为655nm,表观摩尔吸光系数为1.47×10~5L·mol~(-1)·cm~(-1),镍的浓度在0~10μg/25ml范围内服从比尔定律。本方法灵敏度高,选择性好。大多数金属元素不干扰镍的测定,只有钴、铜和钯有干扰,其中铜和钯的干扰可用硫脲掩蔽,用于测定铝合金中微量镍取得满意结果。  相似文献
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