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Human societies are characterized by three constituent features, besides others. (A) Options, as for jobs and societal positions, differ with respect to their associated monetary and non-monetary payoffs. (B) Competition leads to reduced payoffs when individuals compete for the same option as others. (C) People care about how they are doing relatively to others. The latter trait—the propensity to compare one’s own success with that of others—expresses itself as envy. It is shown that the combination of (A)–(C) leads to spontaneous class stratification. Societies of agents split endogenously into two social classes, an upper and a lower class, when envy becomes relevant. A comprehensive analysis of the Nash equilibria characterizing a basic reference game is presented. Class separation is due to the condensation of the strategies of lower-class agents, which play an identical mixed strategy. Upper-class agents do not condense, following individualist pure strategies. The model and results are size-consistent, holding for arbitrary large numbers of agents and options. Analytic results are confirmed by extensive numerical simulations. An analogy to interacting confined classical particles is discussed.  相似文献   
对人教版高中化学教科书新设计的“研究与实践”栏目的主题内容、功能价值进行分析,就如何充分发挥该栏目的教学功能和价值,发展学生的化学学科核心素养,提出了创设教学情境线索、开发为研究性学习课题、开发为校本选修课程、开发为STEM课程等实施策略。  相似文献   
祝敬敏  王顺金 《物理学报》2006,55(10):5018-5022
在有限温度环境内,量子约束动力学及其追踪控制可使退相干系统的相干性稳定一段时间.约束方程产生的控制场能够按量子比特的动力学状态进行控制(量子动力学轨道的反馈控制);依靠量子比特的这种反馈效应,可使量子位稳定在设定的时间内.同时,在量子位的稳定方面,温度扮演一种消极的角色. 关键词: 量子约束动力学 耗散量子位的控制 追踪控制 量子比特的反馈效应  相似文献   
罗娟  袁广南  杨招军 《经济数学》2005,22(3):261-265
针对投资者可能的投资需求确立了基于安全第一思想下两个相近的投资目标:1、极大化投资末期总收益率超过给定水平α的概率;2、极小化投资末期总收益率与给定水平α的距离.并分别就这两个目标建立了优化决策模型,得到了模型解析解,最后对两个模型结果进行了比较分析和经济解释.  相似文献   
光突发交换的交换控制策略和光缓存配置   总被引:4,自引:2,他引:2  
光突发交换是面向下一代互联网的光交换模式.讨论了异步光突发交换系统的交换控制策略以及相应光缓存的优化配置策略.除了传统预约模式的交换策略,还研究了非预约和改进型预约模式,它们的性能评估由计算机仿真给出.结果表明:在条件相当情况下,改进型预约模式具有最低的丢包率.同时光缓存的配置对上述几类交换控制策略的性能都有很大影响,仿真结果指出:光缓存的粒度对系统性能具有重要影响,所讨论的几类交换模式都存在最佳时延粒度,研究结果对光交换矩阵的设计有指导意义.  相似文献   
企业合作联盟成员位次竞争战略的Shapley值分析   总被引:8,自引:0,他引:8  
针对Yanowitz和Bruckstein的二值字图像后处理算法存在的问题,提出了一种新的基于灰度期望值的后处理算法。实验结果表明,该算法能自动选取阈值、运算速度快、处理效果好,具有良好的噪声适应性。  相似文献   
Defining speed of diffusion as the amount of time it takes to get from one penetration level to a higher one, we introduce a dynamic model in which we study the link between pricing policy, speed of diffusion, and number of competitors in the market. Our analysis shows that, in the case of strategic (oligopolistic) competition, the speed of diffusion has an important influence on the optimal pricing policy. In particular, we find that higher speeds of diffusion create an incentive to strategically interacting firms to lower their prices.  相似文献   
We employ an agent‐based model to show that memory and the absence of an a priori best strategy are sufficient for self‐segregation and clustering to emerge in a complex adaptive system with discrete agents that do not compete over a limited resource nor contend in a winner‐take‐all scenario. An agent starts from a corner of a two‐dimensional lattice and aims to reach a randomly selected site in the opposite side within the shortest possible time. The agent is isolated during the course of its journey and does not interact with other agents. Time‐bound obstacles appear at random lattice locations and the agent must decide whether to challenge or evade any obstacle blocking its path. The agent is capable of adapting a strategy in dealing with an obstacle. We analyze the dependence of strategy‐retention time with strategy for both memory‐based and memory‐less agents. We derive the equality spectrum to establish the environmental conditions that favor the existence of an a priori best strategy. We found that memory‐less agents do not polarize into two opposite strategy‐retention time distributions nor cluster toward a center distribution. © 2004 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Complexity 9: 41–46, 2004  相似文献   
产品销售相关环境下的提成率研究   总被引:1,自引:0,他引:1  
以往多产品销售的最优提成率研究多基于多产品销售相互独立的假设之上。本文将一种多产品销售的合同模型拓展到产品销售相互影响的环境中,对不同的销售相关性情况下销售提成率的设置进行了分析,推出了不同情况下各产品提成率之间的关系特点和指导性结论。最后研究了当厂商兼顾短期利润和长期利润时对主副产品销售提成率的影响,提出了根据产品所处生命周期的不同阶段,用价值权重向量来动态调整、优化负责销售主、副产品的销售人员薪酬合同参数设计的方法。  相似文献   
This paper proposes a floating-point genetic algorithm (FPGA) to solve the unit commitment problem (UCP). Based on the characteristics of typical load demand, a floating-point chromosome representation and an encoding–decoding scheme are designed to reduce the complexities in handling the minimum up/down time limits. Strategic parameters of the FPGA are characterized in detail, i.e., the evaluation function and its constraints, population size, operation styles of selection, crossover operation and probability, mutation operation and probability. A dynamic combination scheme of genetic operators is formulated to explore and exploit the FPGA in the non-convex solution space and multimodal objective function. Experiment results show that the FPGA is a more effective technique among the various styles of genetic algorithms, which can be applied to the practical scheduling tasks in utility power systems.  相似文献   
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