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Two series of novel alternating copolyoxamides (PAnT-alt-n2 and PAn2-alt-62) are synthesized via solution/solid-state polycondensation (SSP). The alternating structures are analyzed carefully with 1H NMR and 13C NMR spectra. The melting behaviors, thermal stabilities, crystal structures and crystallinities are systematically evaluated by DSC, TGA and WAXD. The results reveal that these alternating copolyoxamides possess almost perfect alternating chain structures and have high melting temperature (Tm > 270 °C), high crystallinity (Xc > 32%) and high decomposition temperature (T5 > 405 °C) as well as low saturated water absorption (<3.5 wt%), which suggests that they have high potential as engineering plastic of high heat resistant.  相似文献   
科学评价大学生科研创新能力对我国科研水平的提高具有重要意义.采用机器学习模型来预测大学生科研能力可以起到良好的效果,提出一种GAXGBoost模型来实现对大学生的科研能力预测.此模型是以Xgboost算法为基础,然后充分利用遗传算法的全局搜索能力自动搜索Xgboost最优超参数,避免了人为经验调参不准确的缺陷,最后采用精英选择策略以此确保每一轮都是最佳的进化结果.通过分析表明,所采用的GAXGBoost模型在大学生科研能力预测的结果中具有很高的精度,将此模型与Logistic Regression、Random Forest、SVM等模型进行对比,GAXGBoost模型的预测精度最高.  相似文献   
An innovative volatolomic approach employs the detection of biomarkers present in cerumen (earwax) to identify cattle intoxication by Stryphnodendron rotundifolium Mart., Fabaceae (popularly known as barbatimão). S. rotundifolium is a poisonous plant with the toxic compound undefined and widely distributed throughout the Brazilian territory. Cerumen samples from cattle of two local Brazilian breeds (‘Curraleiro Pé-Duro’ and ‘Pantaneiro’) were collected during an experimental intoxication protocol and analyzed using headspace (HS)/GC–MS followed by multivariate analysis (genetic algorithm for a partial least squares, cluster analysis, and classification and regression trees). A total of 106 volatile organic metabolites were identified in the cerumen samples of bovines. The intoxication by S. rotundifolium influenced the cerumen volatolomic profile of the bovines throughout the intoxication protocol. In this way, it was possible to detect biomarkers for cattle intoxication. Among the biomarkers, 2-octyldecanol and 9-tetradecen-1-ol were able to discriminate all samples between intoxicated and nonintoxicated bovines. The cattle intoxication diagnosis by S. rotundifolium was accomplished by applying the cerumen analysis using HS/GC–MS, in an easy, accurate, and noninvasive way. Thus, the proposed bioanalytical chromatography protocol is a useful tool in veterinary applications to determine this kind of intoxication.  相似文献   
目前,我国乐器制作行业在古筝面板用木材等级的筛选上主要依赖于技师主观评判,但此法缺少科学理论的依据,效率低,客观性及出材率的提高等方面受到限制,无法满足乐器市场的大量需求。实现古筝面板用木材快速、智能化的分级工作是一个急需解决的课题。近红外光谱非常适用于测量含氢的有机物质。古筝面板木材主要化学成分的化学键均由含氢基团组成,不同等级板材的化学成分存在差异,这些差异反映在近红外光谱中,为判断木材等级提供了可能。同时卷积神经网络对非线性数据具有较强的特征提取能力,所以提出一种应用卷积神经网络模型对光谱数据进行分析的方法,进而判别木材的等级。应用了Savitzky Golay一阶、二阶微分两种预处理方法和核主成分分析、连续投影算法两种数据压缩方法,通过所设计的卷积神经网络模型以样本识别准确率和模型构建过程中的损失值作为判定指标选出最佳预处理和数据压缩方法。为了提高模型提取分析光谱数据的能力和避免过拟合现象,应用了多通道卷积核、批量归一化和early stopping策略,将通过两层卷积层提取的特征信息送入全连接层,从而充分提取剩余信息,通过Softmax函数获得板材的最终预测等级,从而确定了最终模型。最终Savitzky Golay一阶微分和核主成分分析为最佳数据处理方法,同时得出用于区分不同等级的古筝面板用木材的主要关键谱带,分别为1 163~1 243, 1 346~1 375和1 525~1 584 nm。将该模型应用于测试集样本,古筝面板用木材的等级识别准确率为95.5%。实验结果表明所提出的方法可以高效地处理光谱数据,有效识别区分不同等级的古筝面板用木材的关键特征,从而为广阔的乐器市场提供一定的技术支持。  相似文献   
田玉静  左红伟  王超 《应用声学》2020,39(6):932-939
语音通信系统中,语音通过信道传输将不可避免地引入码间串扰和信号畸变,同时受到噪声污染。本文在分析自适应盲均衡算法CMA(constant modulus algorithm)和改进盲均衡算法的基础上,考虑到自适应盲均衡技术在语音噪声控制方面能力有限,将自适应盲均衡技术与小波包掩蔽阈值降噪算法联合使用,形成一种基带语音增强新方法。仿真试验结果显示自适应盲均衡技术可以使星座图变得清晰而紧凑,有效减小误码率。研究证实该方法在语音信号ISI和畸变严重情况下,在白噪及有色噪声不同的噪声环境中都具有稳定的降噪能力,消噪同时可获得汉语普通话良好的听觉效果。  相似文献   
Exposure of cimetidine (CIM) to dry heat (160–180 °C) afforded, upon cooling, a glassy solid containing new and hitherto unknown products. The kinetics of this process was studied by a second order chemometrics-assisted multi-spectroscopic approach. Proton and carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), as well as ultraviolet and infrared spectroscopic data were jointly used, whereas multivariate curve resolution with alternating least squares (MCR-ALS) was employed as the chemometrics method to extract process information. It was established that drug degradation follows a first order kinetics.  相似文献   
In this paper we consider a wavelet algorithm for the piecewise constant collocation method applied to the boundary element solution of a first kind integral equation arising in acoustic scattering. The conventional stiffness matrix is transformed into the corresponding matrix with respect to wavelet bases, and it is approximated by a compressed matrix. Finally, the stiffness matrix is multiplied by diagonal preconditioners such that the resulting matrix of the system of linear equations is well conditioned and sparse. Using this matrix, the boundary integral equation can be solved effectively.  相似文献   
1.IntroductionIntillspaperweanalyzetheconvergenceonmultiplicativeiterativealgorithmsfortheIninimizationofadiffcrentiablefunctiondefinedonthepositiveorthantofR".ThealgorithmissllggestedbyEggermolltl'],andisrelatedtotheEM[2](Expextation--Maximization)algoritllnlforPositronemissiontonlography[']andimagereconstructi..14].Wecollsidertheproblenl"linf(x)s.t.x20.Themultiplicativeiterativealgorithmshavethel'orlniforj=l,2,',n,withAhdeterminedthroughalinesearch.Whilelusem[5]establishedanelegantconv…  相似文献   
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