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《Journal of Electrostatics》2006,64(3-4):176-186
An efficient method is proposed for the computation of the electric field strength and of the space-charge density in configurations of at least three ionising and non-ionising electrodes. The physical model is derived under the assumptions commonly accepted for the study of corona fields. The mathematical model makes use of a conformal mapping that converts the actual boundary-free field zone into a rectangular domain with well-defined boundary conditions. The finite-difference method is then used for solving the differential equations that describe the ionic space-charge and electric field distribution. The computational procedure was employed for studying the simple case of the drift zone of the corona discharge generated between a so-called dual electrode and a grounded plate. The dual electrode consisted of an ionising wire (diameter 0.22 mm) located at 20 mm from a tubular metallic support (diameter 25 mm). The computed current–voltage characteristic and current density distribution at the surface of the collector plate were in good agreement with the experimental data obtained for this combined corona–electrostatics electrode arrangement.  相似文献   
洋葱色素的提取及抗氧化活性的测定   总被引:6,自引:0,他引:6  
分别用芬顿(Fenton)反应法和1,1-二苯-2-苦肼基(DPPH)法测定了洋葱色素的抗氧化作用。结果表明,洋葱色素对羟自由基和DPPH自由基均有一定的清除作用,其清除率大小依次为42.4%,58.2%。洋葱色素是十分具有开发利用价值的天然色素。  相似文献   
New kind of polymer host for lithium cations has been synthesized by catalyzed hydrosilylation reaction involving hydrogen atoms of a polysiloxane and double bonds of vinyl tris-2-methoxyethoxy silane. The obtained macromolecule can be regarded as siloxane backbone grafted with silicon tripodand elements with very short polyether chains. A family of Li ion conducting polymer electrolyte membranes have been prepared by dissolving LiPF6 in thus obtained polymer matrix. Exceptionally high room temperature specific conductivities, exceeding 10−3 S/cm at 25 °C, have been measured for the studied polymer electrolytes. It is proposed that polyether chains tend to self-assembly in the presence of Li cations and this highly organized arrangement of Li coordination sites creates pathways of high lithium conductivity along the polysiloxane backbones. In addition to that, strong shielding of Li-cations suppresses the formation of ion pairs, thus increasing the charge carrier concentration. The electrolytes can be easily formed into dimensionally stable, flexible membranes.  相似文献   
《Fluid Phase Equilibria》2006,239(2):133-137
Vapour–liquid equilibria at atmospheric pressure have been determined for binary mixtures of 1,2-dibromoethane + 1,2-dichloroethane, +trichloromethane, and +1,1,2,2-tetrachloroethane. These have been shown to be thermodynamically consistent.  相似文献   
在全球甲型H1N1流感大流行背景下,本文在充分考虑各国甲流感死亡率可能存在个体混合效应、独立效应、相关效应及空间相关效应基础上,运用Bayes计量分析框架下的模型选择标准确定描述各国甲流感死亡率的最优模型,并基于该模型对不同国家甲流感死亡率进行估算。结果显示:个体独立、空间相关效应模型能很好拟合各国甲流感疫情统计数据,利用该模型估算的全球甲流感平均死亡率为0.577%。  相似文献   
Research on Chemical Intermediates - Dichlorobenzonitriles are important organic intermediates for the production of many fine chemicals and are produced most economically and environment-friendly...  相似文献   
喻艳华  付成 《化学研究》2014,(5):482-487
研制了一种用于灵敏、快速地检测溶液中的氟离子的基于苯并噻二唑衍生物的荧光传感器.4,7-二溴-2,1,3-苯并噻二唑与三甲基硅基乙炔通过Sonogashira偶联反应得到二取代的三甲基硅基乙炔苯并噻二唑;将该化合物用于检测氟离子,分析了检测灵敏度和选择性.结果表明,在乙腈和水(V/V=9∶1)混合溶液中,合成的苯并噻二唑衍生物的最大发射波长峰值为455nm(激发波长为376nm);就所测试的F-,Cl-,Br-,I-,ClO4-,AcO-,NO3-,H2PO3-,CN-和HSO4-等阴离子而言,仅F-可以脱除三甲基硅保护基使得该化合物荧光最大发射波长蓝移至435nm,荧光强度降低60%,且最低检测限可达4.5×10-8 mol/L.因此,二取代的三甲基硅基乙炔苯并噻二唑应用于氟离子检测具有很好的灵敏度和选择性.  相似文献   
李莹莹  王丁一  农骐郢  刘丽红  张蒙  梁勇  胡立刚  何滨  江桂斌 《色谱》2020,38(11):1316-1322
随着现场分析对于快速、便携和经济型检测的需求,分析仪器的便携化和微型化备受关注。3D打印技术的不断发展,将会极大推动小型化、便携式实验设备的开发和研制。分析仪器的微型化有助于促进资源不足地区在医疗现场、食品安全和环境污染等方面的现场监测。目前,用于蛋白质分离的凝胶电泳装置多为实验室用小型化分析仪器,可用于现场快速分离蛋白质的小型化仪器尚未见报道。该研究设计加工了一款便携式凝胶电泳装置,用于蛋白质的快速分离检测。首先,通过3D打印加工的凝胶电泳装置可在实验室内方便、快捷、低成本的复制。其次,通过对预染蛋白质相对分子质量标准的分离测试,对该系统结构进行优化。优化后该凝胶电泳装置电泳槽的尺寸仅为15 mm×20 mm×17 mm,采用3D打印技术可在5 h内加工完成,耗费打印材料10 mL。正负极所用电泳缓冲液共需4 mL,所使用的25 V锂电池可实现100 h左右的工作时间。装置优化后可实现蛋白质的快速高效分离。随后,在5种常用蛋白质相对分子质量标准的分离中,该装置与商业化平板凝胶电泳分离效果相当,同时具备更快的分离速度。该研究在便携式凝胶电泳装置的开发及其在蛋白质快速分离方面取得了初步成果,但在分离完成后立即对蛋白质进行定量分析以及更多实际样品的应用方面还需要进一步研究。  相似文献   
邵丹  邵亮  邵常贵  H.Noda 《物理学报》2007,56(3):1271-1291
对圈量子引力中标架度量矩阵算符对Gauss编织态的作用为本征作用,提供了完整的证明.求得了全部标架度量矩阵算符的表示矩阵,及其期望值.利用自旋几何定理,在内腿颜色k=0和k=2两种情况下,算得了Gauss编织态顶角毗邻的4条腿(P=1)的相位位形切方向间的全部夹角,以及切矢量的长度. 关键词: 度量算符的表示矩阵 度量期望值 切方向间夹角 切矢量长度  相似文献   
给定图$G$,对图$G$的每条边确定一个方向,称为$G$的定向图$G^\sigma$, $G$称为$G^\sigma$的基础图. $G^\sigma$的斜邻接矩阵$S(G^\sigma)$是反对称矩阵,其特征值是0或纯虚数. $S(G^\sigma)$所有特征值的$k$次幂之和称为$G^\sigma$的$k$阶斜谱矩,其中$k$是非负整数.斜谱矩序列可用于对图进行排序.本文主要研究定向树和定向单圈图的斜谱矩,并对这两类图的斜谱矩序列依照字典序进行排序.首先确定了直径为$d$的树作为基础图的所有定向树中,斜谱矩序最大的$2\lfloor\frac{d}{4}\rfloor$个图; 然后确定以围长为$g$的单圈图作为基础图的所有定向单圈图中, 斜谱矩序最大的$2\lfloor\frac{g}{4}\rfloor+1$个图.  相似文献   
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