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Liu  Shao-Hua  Tian  Bo 《Nonlinear dynamics》2022,108(3):2471-2482
Nonlinear Dynamics - In this paper, a (2+1)-dimensional Caudrey–Dodd–Gibbon–Kotera–Sawada system is investigated in fluid mechanics via the symbolic computation. With the...  相似文献   
Bo  Luo  Gao  Wei  Yu  Yuguo  Chen  Xiaojun 《Nonlinear dynamics》2022,110(1):281-311
Nonlinear Dynamics - The perovskite solar cell (PSC) is one of the most promising photovoltaic candidates along with the highly increasing demand for green electricity. One of the main concerns...  相似文献   
以羧甲基纤维素(CMC)、明胶和MOF(Cu)@biochar为原料,采用简单有效的冷冻干燥方法制备了(CMC/Gelatin/MOF(Cu)@biochar)杂化气凝胶,并用傅里叶变换红外光谱(FT-IR)、热重分析(TG)、X射线粉末衍射(XRD)、扫描电镜(SEM)和X射线光电子能谱(XPS)技术对其进行了表征;研究了MOF(Cu)@biochar含量、pH和不同的盐水溶液对杂化气凝胶溶胀行为的影响;以该气凝胶负载氯化铵,制备了一种新型缓释肥料(SRF),并研究了含2%(wt)SRF的沙性土壤的保水能力;SRF在土壤中第30天的累积释放率为79.4%;肥料在土壤中释放符合非Fickian扩散和阳离子交换的协同作用机理。  相似文献   
Three nonfused ring electron acceptors (NFREAs) TTC6,TT-C8T and TT-TC8 were purposefully designed and synthesized.The molecular geometry can be adjusted by the steric hindrance of lateral substituents.According to the DFT calculations,from TTC6 to TT-C8T and TT-TC8,planarity of the molecular backbone is gradually improved,accompanying with the enhancing of intramolecular charge transfer effect.As for TT-TC8,the two phenyl substituents are almost perpendicular to the molecular backbone,which endues the acceptor with good solubility and suppresses it to form over-aggregation.Multidirectional regular molecular orientation and closer molecular stacking are formed in TT-TC8 film.As a result,TT-TC8 based devices afford the highest PCE of 13.13%,which is much higher than that of TTC6 (4.41%) and TT-C8T (10.42%) and among the highest PCE values based on NFREAs.  相似文献   
Facile construction of sulfur-rich polymers using readily available raw chemicals is an area aggressively pursued but challenging. Herein we use common feedstocks of ethylene oxide (EO), propylene oxide (PO), and carbonyl sulfide (COS) to synthesize copoly(thioether)s which are traditionally produced from unpleasant and difficult to store episulfides. In this protocol, the EO/COS coupling selectively generates a pure poly(ethylene sulfide) (PES) with melting temperature (Tm) values up to 172°C and high yields up to 98%. The EO/PO/COS terpolymerization leads to the incorporation of soft poly(propylene sulfide) (PPS) and hard PES segments together, affording a random PES-co-PPS copoly(thioether) with the complete consumption of EO and PO. Additionally, by simply varying the EO/PO feeding ratio, the obtained copoly(thioether)s possess tunable thermal properties, Tm values in the range of 76–144°C, and excellent solubility. These copolymerizations are conducted in one-pot/one-step at industrially favored reaction temperatures of 100–120°C using catalysts of common organic bases, suggesting a facile and practical manner. Especially, the copoly(thioether) exhibits high refractive indices up to 1.68 owing to its high sulfur content, suggesting a broad application prospect in optical materials.  相似文献   
Given their superior penetration depths, photosensitizers with longer absorption wavelengths present broader application prospects in photodynamic therapy (PDT). Herein, Ag2S quantum dots were discovered, for the first time, to be capable of killing tumor cells through the photodynamic route by near-infrared light irradiation, which means relatively less excitation of the probe compared with traditional photosensitizers absorbing short wavelengths. On modification with polydopamine (PDA), PDA-Ag2S was obtained, which showed outstanding capacity for inducing reactive oxygen species (increased by 1.69 times). With the addition of PDA, Ag2S had more opportunities to react with surrounding O2, which was demonstrated by typical triplet electron spin resonance (ESR) analysis. Furthermore, the PDT effects of Ag2S and PDA-Ag2S achieved at longer wavelengths were almost identical to the effects produced at 660 nm, which was proved by studies in vitro. PDA-Ag2S showed distinctly better therapeutic effects than Ag2S in experiments in vivo, which further validated the enhanced regulatory effect of PDA. Altogether, a new photosensitizer with longer absorption wavelength was developed by using the hitherto-unexplored photodynamic function of Ag2S quantum dots, which extended and enhanced the regulatory effect originating from PDA.  相似文献   
研究桉树控制授粉后目标性状的基因作用方式是探索其基因重组规律的重要内容。常规的数量统计分析精度往往不高,而DNA分析的专业要求高,且费时费力。该研究利用近红外光谱(NIRs)研究不同基因型桉树杂交种、亲本及杂交种与亲本间近红外光谱信息的关系,探索NIRs用于桉树杂交种与其亲本判别的可行性和准确性。以控制授粉的桉树亲本及其杂交F1代材料为对象,每种基因型从各自田间试验分别选取10个单株,采集树冠中上部新鲜健康叶片。用手持式近红外仪Phazir Rx(1624)采集桉树杂交种与其亲本叶片的NIRs信息。每单株选10片完全生理成熟的健康叶片,避开叶脉扫描其正面光谱5次,以50条NIRs信息的均值代表单个叶片的NIRs信息,最终每个基因型获得10条NIRs信息。对原始NIRs采用二阶多项式S.G一阶导数预处理。预处理后的NIRs用于多元统计分析,首先对桉树杂交亲本和子代样本进行主成分分析(PCA),直观展示不同基因型的分类情况。然后运用簇类独立软模式(SIMCA)和偏最小二乘判别分析(PLS-DA)两种有监督的判别模式验证NIRs用于桉树杂交种与其亲本树种的分类判别效果。PCA结果显示,不同的亲本间、杂交种间及杂交种与亲本间样本的主因子得分可以清晰地将各基因型分开。SIMCA模式判别分析中,桉树杂交种样本到亲本PCA模型的样本距离显示,待判别样本能够形成单独的聚类,且能直观反映两者的遗传相似。PLS-DA判别结果显示,桉树杂交亲本的PLS模型能通过预测其杂交子代的响应变量将其与亲本准确分开。结果表明,桉树叶片的NIRs信息可以准确地反映桉树杂交子代遗传信息的传递规律,NIRs判别模型可以准确地将各种基因型予以区分。因此,NIRs信息不仅可用于桉树杂交种和纯种的定性判别,还可以分析桉树基因重组过程中加性遗传效应的大小,从而为桉树遗传基础分析及其育种改良研究提供理论支撑。  相似文献   
We conducted measurements of black carbon(BC) aerosol in Jiaxing,China during autumn from September 26 to November 30,2013.We investigated temporal and diurnal variations of BC,and its correlations with meteorological parameters and other major pollutants.Results showed that hourly mass concentrations of BC ranged from 0.2 to 22.0 μg/m3,with an average of 5.1 μg/m3.The diurnai variation of BC exhibited a bimodal distribution,with peaks at 07:00 and 18:00.The morning peak was larger than the evening peak.The mass percentages of BC in PM2.5 and PM10 were 7.1%and 4.8%,respectively.The absorption coefficient of BC was calculated to be 44.4 Mm-1,which accounted for 11.1%of the total aerosol extinction.BC was mainly emitted from local sources in southwestern Jiaxing where BC concentrations were generally greater than 11 μg/m3 during the measurement period.Correlation analysis indicated that the main sources of BC were motor vehicle exhaust,and domestic and industrial combustion.  相似文献   
以4-羟基吲哚为原料,经吲哚环4位乙酰基化、3位亲电取代、酰胺化和还原加氢等反应合成目标化合物7.通过核磁共振氢谱及碳谱对化合物进行结构表征,并对目标化合物进行体外抗氧化生物活性测试.初步生物活性测试结果表明,化合物7a,7b,7c和7d对DPPH·均有很强的清除作用(清除率为85.25%~90.73%),7e,7f,7g,7h作用较差;目标化合物与Vc相比,对·OH的清除作用稍差,最高清除率25.66%(Vc的最高清除率为34.67),但各化合物整体水平相当;在清除O-2·能力上化合物7a,7d,7g,7h最大清除率(分别为19.34,35.35,27.93和31.74)均强于同等浓度的Vc(17.58).  相似文献   
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