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Dong-Qing Li 《中国物理 B》2022,31(5):56106-056106
Three-dimensional (3D) TCAD simulations demonstrate that reducing the distance between the well boundary and N-channel metal-oxide semiconductor (NMOS) transistor or P-channel metal-oxide semiconductor (PMOS) transistor can mitigate the cross section of single event upset (SEU) in 14-nm complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) bulk FinFET technology. The competition of charge collection between well boundary and sensitive nodes, the enhanced restoring currents and the change of bipolar effect are responsible for the decrease of SEU cross section. Unlike dual-interlock cell (DICE) design, this approach is more effective under heavy ion irradiation of higher LET, in the presence of enough taps to ensure the rapid recovery of well potential. Besides, the feasibility of this method and its effectiveness with feature size scaling down are discussed.  相似文献   
黄鸣  王维 《人工晶体学报》2022,51(4):594-599
光伏产业的发展使得对硅材料的需求日益增加,同时硅单晶生产行业竞争也日趋激烈。作为生产硅单晶的重要装备,单晶炉的稳定性和可靠性关系到硅单晶生产效率的提升和成本的下降,因此其驱动系统的设计和优化成为装备制造的关键环节。本文以NVT-HG2000-V1型硅单晶生长炉的驱动系统为研究对象,用SolidWorks三维建模实现虚拟装配,采用ADAMS建立其动力学仿真模型,并对驱动系统的运动过程进行仿真模拟。采用控制变量法定量分析了铜套与升降轴的配合间隙及丝杠参数对驱动力和驱动力矩的影响规律,进而在提高硅单晶生长炉装备稳定性和可靠性方面给出合理的技术建议。结果表明,铜套与升降轴的配合间隙达到0.071 mm后能有效降低驱动系统运行所需驱动力矩,丝杠倾斜度、螺纹螺距与螺纹间摩擦系数的增大均会导致驱动系统运行所需力矩大幅增加。  相似文献   
In this paper, we propose an efficient numerical method for a distributed order fractional subdiffusion problem using nonpolynomial spline approach. The solvability, stability, and convergence of the scheme are established rigorously, and it is shown that the spatial convergence order improves some previous work done. Simulation is then conducted to verify the accuracy of the proposed scheme as well as to compare with earlier work.  相似文献   
研究了含分数阶Caputo导数的非线性振动系统响应的数值计算方法。首先,由Caputo分数阶导数算子的叠加关系,得到含分数阶导数项非线性振动系统状态方程的标准形式。其次,基于Caputo导数与Riemann-Liouville导数和Grunwald-Letnikov导数间的关系,推导计算了Caputo导数的一般数值迭代格式。本文方法不要求状态方程中各分数阶导数阶数相等,弱化了已有算法中对分数阶导数阶数的限制,并可推广到多自由度的情形。随后,选择若干有解析解的算例验证了本文方法的正确性。最后,以多吸引子共存的分数阶Duffing振子系统为例,比较Caputo和GL两种算法所得结果,说明了用GL算法求解存在的问题。  相似文献   
我国海上油田开采起步较晚,大部分油田处于浅水区,因此,在设计管道时,应充分考虑由浅水区波浪引起的管道周围海床渗流力。根据浅水波相关假设,考虑自由水面非线性影响,推导出椭圆余弦波的波面方程,在此基础上进一步得到一个关于速度势的表达式,并根据该表达式得出作用于海床表面的波压公式。考虑海床土的压缩性,推导出一阶近似椭圆余弦波作用下浅水区埋置管道周围海床的渗流压力解析解,最后将计算结果与大型水槽试验及以往研究成果作对比。结果表明,在椭圆余弦波的作用下,由一阶椭圆余弦波理论得到的计算结果与试验结果规律基本一致,与相似工况下的现有理论成果数值基本相同,具有一定的可行性和工程价值。  相似文献   
双侧下颌支矢状劈开截骨术在临床手术中广泛用于治疗缩颌、凸颌和颌面不对称患者的颌面畸形症状。本文用数值方法研究双侧下颌支矢状劈开截骨术并前移下颌骨后患者可施加的合适咬合力。首先,用缩颌患者的CT断层扫面数据建立下颌骨、关节盘、关节窝和相关软组织的高度几何相似性的几何模型;然后,用有限元模型模拟双侧下颌支矢状劈开截骨术后患者的咬合过程。通过分析发现,术后关节盘上的位移处于正常的范围,而应力却远远超过正常范围,因此,将应力因素作为确定术后患者可施加的合适咬合力的标准。当施加正常咬合力的25%时,关节盘上的应力分布和术前没有显著性差异,同时下颌骨上的应力水平也处于正常范围。  相似文献   
Serrated jet nozzles are considered to be an efficient and practical passive control approach for jet noise. However, some fundamental mechanisms of serration effects on jet noise are not fully understood, especially in terms of the sound source. In this paper, a high-fidelity simulation framework using large-eddy simulation (LES) is demonstrated to predict near-field turbulence and far-field acoustics from an ultra-high-bypass-ratio engine with round and serrated nozzles. Far-field sound is predicted using Ffowcs Willams–Hawkings (FWH) integration. The results show that the serrated nozzle increases mixing near the nozzle and hence the turbulence decay rate, reducing the turbulence level downstream. The serrations shift the energy from the low frequencies to the high frequencies and decrease overall sound pressure levels by about 3 dB over the low-frequency range. Sound sources are analysed based on fourth-order space–time correlations. There are six major source components (R1111, R2222, R3333, R1313, R1212, and R2323) inside the jet shear layers. The serrations are able to reduce the amplitude of these source terms, causing them to decay rapidly to a level below the round nozzle jet within 2D downstream of the nozzle.  相似文献   
本文对一类中心刚体-柔性梁系统在大范围转动下的刚柔耦合动力学问题进行了研究. 柔性梁为功能梯度材料(functionally graded materials, FGM)楔形变截面梁,材料体积分数在梁轴向呈幂律分布变化. 以弧长坐标来描述柔性FGM梁的几何位移关系,分别使用倾角和拉伸应变变量描述柔性梁的横向弯曲和纵向拉伸变形,并计及剪切效应. 采用假设模态法离散变形场,运用第二类拉格朗日方程进行方程推导,得到系统考虑剪切效应的刚柔耦合动力学模型. 基于全新的刚柔耦合动力学建模理论,研究不同轴向材料梯度分布的FGM楔形梁,通过数值仿真计算,分析讨论不同的转速、梯度分布规律以及变截面参数对系统动力学特性的影响. 结果表明,剪切效应对大高跨比的FGM楔形梁的变形影响较为明显,不容忽略;材料梯度分布规律和截面参数的选取均会对旋转FGM楔形梁的动力学响应和频率产生较大影响. 本文提出的考虑剪切效应的倾角刚柔耦合动力学模型是对以往非剪切模型的进一步完善,可应用于工程中的 Timoshenko梁结构的动力学问题求解.   相似文献   
The Note is concerned with a feasibility study of time reversal in a non-homogeneous elastic medium, from data recorded in an acoustic medium. Our aim here is to determine the presence and some physical properties of elastic “inclusions” (unknown, not observable solid objects, characterized by their elastic properties) from partial observations of acoustic waves scattered by these inclusions. A finite element numerical method, based on a variational acousto-elastodynamics formulation, is derived and used to solve the forward, and then, the time-reversed problem. A criterion, derived from the reverse time migration framework, is introduced, to help construct images of the inclusions to be determined. Numerical illustrations on configurations that mimic the breast cancer configuration are proposed, and show that one can differentiate between two inclusions, even with different properties.  相似文献   
利用蒙特卡洛方法研究了低维螺旋磁体纳米条带中磁场驱动的磁结构演变规律,以及偶极相互作用对螺旋磁体纳米条带中磁结构的影响。研究表明,螺旋磁体纳米条带中的自旋结构由自旋的面内取向平行或垂直于边界的边缘态和中间聚集态两部分构成。在一定范围内增加外磁场,条带边缘平行于边界的自旋排列将增多,最终将在条带外围形成大的磁涡旋环,该涡旋环十分稳定,即使在很强的外磁场下仍然存在。处于条带中间的聚集态随着外磁场的增大,从磁螺旋态逐步过渡到Skyrmions态,最终形成铁磁态。Skyrmions的排列状况与条带尺寸密切相关。此外,偶极相互作用对磁矩平行于边界且首尾顺次连接的排列起积极作用,在无外磁场作用下,随着偶极相互作用的增大,体系终将形成涡旋态。  相似文献   
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