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Xueyi Guan 《中国物理 B》2022,31(7):70507-070507
In the light of the visual angle model (VAM), an improved car-following model considering driver's visual angle, anticipated time and stabilizing driving behavior is proposed so as to investigate how the driver's behavior factors affect the stability of the traffic flow. Based on the model, linear stability analysis is performed together with bifurcation analysis, whose corresponding stability condition is highly fit to the results of the linear analysis. Furthermore, the time-dependent Ginzburg-Landau (TDGL) equation and the modified Korteweg-de Vries (mKdV) equation are derived by nonlinear analysis, and we obtain the relationship of the two equations through the comparison. Finally, parameter calibration and numerical simulation are conducted to verify the validity of the theoretical analysis, whose results are highly consistent with the theoretical analysis.  相似文献   
针对特定场景辅助驾驶的需求,构建道路场景车载激光雷达三维扫描系统,并设计基于三维激光点云的道路参数提取与计算方法,包括路面宽度、横杆或桥梁或隧道限高、拐弯半径等等,为辅助判断道路的可通过性提供决策依据。测试和对比实验表明,所设计算法效果稳定、精度良好,在效率和自动化程度上有一定优势,可为辅助驾驶提供非常有益的决策参数。  相似文献   
Pitch has been used to prepare electrodes by high-temperature heat treatments for supercapacitors, lithium-ion batteries, on account of its rich aromatic ring structure. Here, the toluene-soluble component of pitch is used to prepare a kind of laminated carbon. This was realized by a template-free synthesis at low temperature with the addition of pressure. The toluene-soluble component has a small molecular weight, which makes the thermal deformation ability stronger and then enhances the orientation of the carbon layer with the help of pressure. The prepared anode exhibits a splendid electrochemical performance compared with the traditional graphite anode. A high stable capacity of approximately 550 mAh g−1 at 50 mA g−1, which is much higher than graphite (372 mAh g−1), is obtained. Also, when the current density is up to 2 A g−1, the capacity is about 150 mAh g−1. Surprisingly, it also delivers a superior cycling performance. And when used as the anode/cathode electrode for lithium-ion capacitors, a high energy density can be obtained. The present work offers an opportunity to utilize the pitch source in lithium energy storage with promising cycle life, high energy/power density, and low cost.  相似文献   
研制波长校准用低压石英汞灯电源,用于驱动汞灯起辉并维持稳态发光。电路由EMI滤波电路、桥式整流电路、LCC半桥谐振逆变电路、控制电路和保护电路5部分组成。采用系统建模与仿真验证电路的可行性并计算电路参数理论值,利用示波器和功率表验证电源输出参数,功率输出稳定性不大于0.03 W。根据紫外可见近红外分光光度计国防最高计量标准对研制的电源驱动汞灯的工作效果进行评价。结果表明,汞灯能够输出系列特征谱线,谱线相对强度稳定性不大于5.16%;汞灯工作3 h后,灯管外壳表面温度为43℃。该驱动电源的性能参数满足JJG112–2015《低压石英汞灯波长标准器检定规程》的要求。  相似文献   
We consider the problem of autonomously controlling a fixed-wing aerial vehicle to visit a neighborhood of a pre-defined waypoint, and when nearby it, loiter around it. To solve this problem, we propose a hybrid feedback control strategy that unites two state-feedback controllers: a transit controller capable of steering or transitioning the vehicle to nearby the waypoint and a loiter controller capable of steering the vehicle about a loitering radius. The aerial vehicle is modeled on a level flight plane with system performance characterized in terms of the aerodynamic, propulsion, and mass properties. Thrust and bank angle are the control inputs. Asymptotic stability properties of the individual control algorithms, which are designed using backstepping, as well as of the closed-loop system, which includes a hybrid algorithm uniting the two controllers, are established. In particular, for this application of hybrid feedback control, Lyapunov functions and hybrid systems theory are employed to establish stability properties of the set of points defining loitering. The analytical results are confirmed numerically by simulations.  相似文献   
A wide range of quantum systems are time-invariant and the corresponding dynamics is dictated by linear differential equations with constant coefficients.Although simple in mathematical concept,the integration of these equations is usually complicated in practice for complex systems,where both the computational time and the memory storage become limiting factors.For this reason,low-storage Runge-Kutta methods become increasingly popular for the time integration.This work suggests a series of s-stage sth-order explicit RungeKutta methods specific for autonomous linear equations,which only requires two times of the memory storage for the state vector.We also introduce a 13-stage eighth-order scheme for autonomous linear equations,which has optimized stability region and is reduced to a fifth-order method for general equations.These methods exhibit significant performance improvements over the previous general-purpose low-stage schemes.As an example,we apply the integrator to simulate the non-Markovian exciton dynamics in a 15-site linear chain consisting of perylene-bisimide derivatives.  相似文献   
软机器人的出现不仅弥补了传统机器人的缺点,并逐渐成为机器人领域的热点和前沿之一,近年来该领域研究进展十分迅速。本文总结了典型软机器人的运动行为的研究进展,介绍了软机器人按材质类型的分类(包括液晶软机器人、生物分子软机器人、PDMS软机器人、液体软机器人和自振荡凝胶软机器人)及其功能和潜在应用,讨论了当前不同类别软机器人运动的特点和存在的问题,在此基础上展望了软机器人领域面临的机遇、挑战和未来发展方向。  相似文献   
本文利用宽音频自动扫描加载的电子剪切散斑干涉技术对多层粘接板结构进行了时实检测,结果表明,这种方法能够同时测定板的多个位置、大小和形状各不相同缺陷,迅速准确地对多层粘接板结构质量作出判断,同时根据到试过程中记录的共振频率等各种信息,可以进一步对被测部分的振动位移及缺陷深度进行定量分析.  相似文献   
An extension to an algorithm due to Simpson has been developed for the analysis of a second-order two-degree-of-freedom autonomous system. The form of equations considered arises from the study of mechanical systems with a single concentrated non-linearity and the method assumes a solution made up of harmonic terms whose amplitudes vary slowly in time. For a system possessing a stable equilibrium point and an unstable limit cycle arising from a subcritical Hopf bifurcation, the method has been applied to the problem of predicting the basin of attraction of the equilibrium point. The method reduces the problem from a search in four-dimensional phase space to a search for a boundary in a plane defined by amplitudes a1 and a2 in the assumed form of the solution. The method was applied to four weakly non-linear systems in which the non-linearity was due to either a linear spring with a small amount of cubic hardening or a linear spring with freeplay. Agreement was shown to be good in the cases considered. However, it would be expected that the method would not give such accurate results if the non-linear effect was more significant. This was illustrated for the case of the cubic hardening non-linearity.  相似文献   
Hydroplaning characteristics of patterned tire on wet road are investigated by making use of finite volume and finite element methods. A detailed 3-D patterned tire model is constructed by our in-house modeling program and the rainwater flow is considered as incompressible and inviscid. Meanwhile, the fluid–structure interaction between the highly complicated tire tread and the rainwater flow is effectively treated by the general coupling method. Through the numerical experiments, the rainwater flow drained through tire grooves, hydrodynamic pressure and contact force are investigated and compared with those of the three-grooved tire model.  相似文献   
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