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Yin  Qingqing  Xu  Fen  Sun  Lixian  Li  Yaying  Liao  Lumin  Wang  Tao  Guan  Yanxun  Xia  Yongpeng  Zhang  Chenchen  Wei  Sheng  Zhang  Huanzhi  Li  Bin 《Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry》2022,147(12):6583-6592
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry - Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is widely used as phase change materials (PCMs). However, the leakage and low thermal conductivity issues restrict its...  相似文献   
采用溶剂热法,1,3,5-三(羧基甲氧基)苯为定向配体和乙酸镍反应构筑了一个新型的金属配位聚合物[Ni(TB)2(H2O)2]n·2H2O,其中H3TB=1,3,5-三(羧基甲氧基)苯,通过元素分析、IR及X射线单晶衍射对配合物结构进行表征,并研究其荧光性质、热稳定性及Hirshfeld表面作用力。单晶结构分析表明,该配合物属于三斜晶系,空间群$P \overline{1}$,配合物中心离子Ni(Ⅱ)分别与来自两个水分子上的氧原子及四个不同1,3,5-三(羧基甲氧基)苯配体的羧酸氧原子配位,形成六配位的NiO6八面体构型,并通过与1,3,5-三(羧基甲氧基)苯配体的氧原子配位不断延伸形成具有孔洞结构的一维链状构型。配合物具有良好的荧光性能和热稳定性。Hirshfeld表面作用分析表明配合物分子中O…H/H…O作用占主导且占比为39.0%,而H…H的作用力占比为25.9%,O…O的作用力占比为13.6%。  相似文献   
Yuan  Gonglin  Li  Pengyuan  Lu  Junyu 《Numerical Algorithms》2022,91(1):353-365
Numerical Algorithms - The BFGS method, which has great numerical stability, is one of the quasi-Newton line search methods. However, the global convergence of the BFGS method with a Wolfe line...  相似文献   
Li  Y.  Shi  W. H.  Dong  L. M.  Xu  S. X.  Huang  H. J.  Yin  J. R. 《Journal of Applied Spectroscopy》2022,89(3):534-541
Journal of Applied Spectroscopy - Sr3B2O6:Dy3+, Eu3+ single-matrix white-light-emitting materials are prepared using the high-temperature solid-state method. The microstructure, emission spectrum,...  相似文献   
Three one-dimensional ladder-like coordination polymers consisting of Cd6 metalloring as the building unit, {[Cd4LCl4]·3H2O}n ( 1 ), {[Cd3L(ClO4)(H2O)]ClO4·3H2O}n ( 2 ), and {[Cd6(L)2(NO3)2(CH3OH)(H2O)](NO3)2·2CH3OH·5H2O}n ( 3 ), were solvothermally constructed from a carboxylic functionalized bisazamacrocyclic ligand 4,4′-bis((4,7-bis(2-carboxyethyl)-1,4,7-triazacyclonon-1-yl)methyl)-1,1′-biphenyl (H4L). These compounds dispersed in ethanol show the multiple emissions originating from the monomeric and intramolecularly overlapping biphenyl moieties which could be sensitively quenched by picric acid (PA) and 4-nitrophenol (4-NP) through the effective fluorescence resonance energy transfer process. The differential fluorescent responses of each compound on exposure to PA and 4-NP individually make the convenient ratiometric discrimination of two analytes based on the fluorescent intensity ratio (I320/I360) attainable, and 1 and 2 as ratiometric chemosensors for PA present a broad linear detection range from 4 to 300 μM with detection limits of 0.84 and 0.93 μM, respectively. Furthermore, the blue light emission of 1 under an ultraviolet lamp could be selectively quenched by PA even in the presence of all other interfering nitroaromatic pollutants, which empowers the fast visual detection of PA by naked eye.  相似文献   
Two nickel complexes, [Ni(tpen)](ClO4)2.0.5CH3COCH3 ( 1 ) and [Ni(tpbn)](ClO4)2 ( 2 ), of tetrapyridyl ligands N,N,N′,N′-tetrakis(2-pyridyl-methyl)-1,2-ethanediamine (tpen) and N,N,N′,N′-tetrakis(2-pyridyl-methyl)-1,4-butanediamine (tpbn) were prepared and their catalysis for water oxidation reaction (WOR) studied. In 0.1 M phosphate buffer solution (PBS) of pH 8.0, complex 1 is a homogeneous molecular catalyst with an overpotential of ~440 mV and a Faradaic efficiency of 89%. At pH ≥ 9.0, complex 1 degraded gradually during the catalytic process and formed NiOx composite (nickel oxide with general formula NixOyHz) active for WOR. In contrast, complex 2 deteriorated under measured conditions (pH 8.0–12.0) and formed NiOx composite active for WOR. The NiOx composite derived from 1 in 0.1 M PBS at pH 11.0 showed an activity with an overpotential of ~500 mV, a Tafel slope of ~90 mV/decade and a Faradaic efficiency of 97%. Mechanisms were proposed for water oxidation catalyzed by 1 and 2 . This work revealed that the catalytic activity of the nickel complexes was related to the flexibility of the tetrapyridyl ligands and the adaptability of the coordination sphere of the nickel(II) center.  相似文献   
多组分复杂体系的红外光谱由于成分多样、谱带严重重叠、背景干扰等导致谱图特征减弱,且体系中的红外光谱往往不是各组分光谱的简单叠加,需要借助于化学计量学技术以实现解析。基于朗伯-比尔定律(Lambert-Beer law)并且随着衰减全反射(ATR)技术取样普及,结合偏最小二乘回归法(PLS)、人工神经网络(artificial neural network, ANN)等化学计量法将数据进行累积、特征提取以及校正建模等工作解决红外光谱中严重重叠和非线性等问题,再采用二次测量定量分析已初步具有应用成效,而有效增强信息量表达,降低背景、噪声干扰,减少复杂的计算过程,进而保证定量分析结果的可靠性,则成为研究的主要方向。通过讨论光通道和背景对光谱强度变化的影响,结合向量角度转换提出一种新的近似线性定量方法。经初步理论计算,发现多组分混合物与该混合物中待测组分的相对含量二者间的向量夹角值存在一定的关系,而该关系并不受批次制样的影响,进一步通过高斯曲线模拟混合信号,充分说明选择合适的波长范围,二者在一定范围内存在线性相关性,相关性不受测量条件变化的影响。采用KBr压片法,向待测样品中逐步加入待测组分得到混合样本,分别得到待测组分光谱与混合样本光谱信号,先将其进行一阶求导,消除加性误差后,再将其转化为空间向量角度,消除批次制样中光程差异,再以百分比定义待测物样品的含量,所得到混合样的夹角值与其中所含参照品含量成简单线性关系,即以计算结果夹角值与含量作标准曲线,实现定量分析。本测量方法用于三氯蔗糖(Sucralose, TGS)与三氯蔗糖-6-乙酸酯(4,1,6-trichloro sucrose-6-acetate, TGS-6-A)二者进行一定比例混合(双组分体系),以及TGS-6-A的脱酰产物(多组分体系)中的TGS的含量定量分析,在两种体系中定量均得到令人满意的结果,所建立标准曲线的相关系数r均达到0.995 0以上,相对误差均低于8.0%,所建立的分析方法对利用中红外透射光谱分析研究多组分样品具有重要的参考价值。  相似文献   
By employing an unprecedented tri-triazole ligand, 4-amino-3,5-bis-(1H-1,2,4-triazole)-1,2,4-triazole (H2L), two Zn(II)/Cd(II) metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), [ZnL]·3H2O (1) and [CdL]·H2O (2), were successfully synthesized and characterized. In the two complexes, M(II) centers are chelated and bridged by L bridges to form a one-dimensional (1-D) 41 helical chain in 1 with high-symmetry Pbca, and a 21 helical chain in 2 with lower symmetry P21/n, respectively. The two chains are further linked by L into two structure-correlated three-dimensional (3-D) architectures. PXRD and TG analysis confirmed the phase purity and stability of 1 and 2. The solid-state fluorescence properties of the prepared MOF revealed a maximum emission at 382?nm and 393?nm (λex = 330?nm), ascribing to the intra-ligand transitions. Interestingly, an additional strong emission peak at 516?nm can be observed in 1 (below 400?°C), while the emission was silenced in 2. The additional emission band may be attributed to the subtle difference of architectural features and coordination configurations between in 1 and 2.  相似文献   
在室温下制备了立方体{100}、 四面体{111}、 菱形十二面体{110}和块体Ag3PO4微晶, 并进行了表征. 测定了其在不同温度下水溶液中的电导率, 结合强电解质溶液和溶解热力学理论, 得到了Ag3PO4微晶的溶解热力学函数. 以具有不同晶面的Ag3PO4微晶为模型, 研究了纳米材料溶解热力学函数的晶面效应和温度效应. 结果表明, 具有{110}晶面的菱形十二面体Ag3PO4的标准摩尔溶解吉布斯自由能()、 标准摩尔溶解焓()和标准摩尔溶解熵()最大, 具有{100}晶面的立方体Ag3PO4次之, 具有{111}晶面的四面体Ag3PO4最小; 溶解平衡常数(KSP)和随着温度的升高而增大.  相似文献   
Three sesquiterpenoids pseudapenes A–C (13) were isolated from the marine-derived fungus Pseudallescheria apiosperma F52-1. Pseudapene A (1) has an unprecedented 2-methyl-5-methylene-3-(2-methylbut-2-ene)-dicyclo(3, 3, 0)-octane carbon skeleton and pseudapenes B (2) and C (3) possess an unique 2-methyl-4-methylene-2-(2-methylpent-2-ene)-dicyclo(3, 2, 0)-heptane chemical scaffold. Their structures were determined by use of MS and NMR spectroscopic data, and ECD, optical rotation and 13C NMR calculations.  相似文献   
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