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In this paper, we (i) describe how several equilibrium problems can be uniformly modelled by a finite-dimensional asymmetric variational inequality defined over a Cartesian product of sets, and (ii) investigate the local and global convergence of various iterative methods for solving such a variational inequality problem. Because of the special Cartesian product structure, these iterative methods decompose the original variational inequality problem into a sequence of simpler variational inequality subproblems in lower dimensions. The resulting decomposition schemes often have a natural interpretation as some adjustment processes. This research was based on work supported by the National Science Foundation under grant ECS 811–4571.  相似文献
将动态递归的可计算一般均衡方法应用于碳关税征收影响的研究,建立了测算美国征收碳关税对中国经济与环境影响的动态递归可计算一般均衡模型,并在模型中引入技术进步参数以刻画能源节约型技术进步.模型以2007年作为基年,包含37个生产部门和7个国内国外账户.应用该模型模拟了2020年起美国征收碳关税,在税率从20美元每吨碳排放到80美元每吨碳排放的13种情景下,到2030年期间对我国碳排放和经济发展的不同影响,进而测算在不同的能源节约型技术进步条件下,碳关税对我国经济与环境影响的变动.  相似文献
燃油税改革的动态一般均衡分析   总被引:2,自引:0,他引:2  
肖皓  赖明勇 《经济数学》2009,26(3):53-59
建立了燃油税的动态可计算一般均衡模型,设计金融海啸后的预测模拟场景,综合分析和评价燃油税的征税效果。研究结果表明,燃油税改革实现了“费改税”,但由于纳税群体的扩大,尽管产生了显著的节能减排效果,但不利于经济增长。相比其他产业,交通运输部门,特别是航空运输部门受损较小。长期而言,劳动密集型行业将受损有所减缓。但资本密集型行业将受损更为严重。  相似文献
In this paper we consider the problem of designing parking facilities for park'n ride trips. We present a new continuous equilibrium network design problem to decide the capacity and fare of these parking lots at a tactical level. We assume that the parking facilities have already been located and other topological decisions have already been taken.The modeling approach proposed is mathematical programming with equilibrium constraints. In the outer optimization problem, a central Authority evaluates the performance of the transport network for each network design decision. In the inner problem a multimodal traffic assignment with combined modes, formulated as a variational inequality problem, generates the share demand for modes of transportation, and for parking facilities as a function of the design variables of the parking lots. The objective is to make optimal parking investment and pricing decisions in order to minimize the total travel cost in a subnetwork of the multimodal transportation system.We present a new development in model formulation based on the use of generalized parking link cost as a design variable.The bilevel model is solved by a simulated annealing algorithm applied to the continuous and non-negative design decision variables. Numerical tests are reported in order to illustrate the use of the model, and the ability of the approach to solve applications of moderate size.  相似文献
基于CGE的人民币升值影响测算模型研究   总被引:1,自引:0,他引:1  
将可计算一般均衡模型(CGE)应用到人民币升值影响测算中,建立了基于CGE的人民币升值影响测算模型,该模型包含18个生产部门和4个国外账户.基于2007年数据,应用该模型模拟了人民币以5-40%不同幅度的升值情景,在其他因素或条件不变的情况下,静态地测算了人民币升值对我国对外贸易、产业发展以及社会福利等三个方面的影响.结果表明:在其他因素或条件不变的情况下,人民币升值将直接对我国的对外贸易造成极大的负面影响,进一步对我国的产业发展与社会福利造成灾难性影响.特别地,当升值幅度大于20%时,人民币升值将对我国造成严重的经济危机与社会不稳定.  相似文献
基于可计算一般均衡模型的出口退税政策效应分析   总被引:1,自引:0,他引:1  
使用Chinagem模型计算了我国2010年6月份出口退税率下调对我国经济以及各行业的影响.研究表明,此次调整导致我国GDP实际减小0.016%,投资、出口与进口分别下降0.075%、0.041%与0.116%,居民消费和政府消费上升0.005%,就业下降0.016%,两高一资行业受挫较大.同时,各个行业实施出口退税时,对该行业的影响表现为:将直接导致行业出口价格上升,出口量下降,从而国内销售部分增加;由于国内供给增加,进口有所减少;而总产出的变化则由于行业不同而呈现出不同的变化.与此同时,各个行业出口退税率的变化将导致上游行业产出下降,下游行业产出增长.  相似文献
基于动态CGE的铁矿砂价格冲击经济效应研究   总被引:1,自引:0,他引:1  
利用湖南大学—莫纳什大学合作开发的中国动态可计算一般均衡模型—MCHUGE模型,对国际铁矿砂价格冲击的宏观经济影响进行动态的量化分析。模拟结果显示:澳大利亚农业研究署所预测的未来铁矿砂价格年均增长率对中国经济的影响较小,相比于基线预测值,短期里通过增加社会岗位,长期里通过提高资本存量,从而减少了中国经济所受影响的幅度。  相似文献
二层供应链网络均衡模型的研究   总被引:1,自引:0,他引:1  
利用均衡理论和二层规划理论来研究供应链网络均衡问题。针对供应链网络中上下层成员之间具有的Stackelberg博弈特征以及同层成员之间具有的非合作博弈特征,构建了二层供应链网络的均衡模型,该模型实际上一个均衡约束的二层规划问题。此外,为了使得供应链网络在整体上实现最优,本文还在模型中引入回收契约以协调供应链网络。最后,利用罚函数法对模型进行了求解,算例分析说明了模型的合理性和有效性。  相似文献
We present a matrix scaling problem calledtruncated scaling and describe applications arising in economics, urban planning, and statistics. We associate a dual pair of convex optimization problems to the scaling problem and prove that the existence of a solution for the truncated scaling problem is characterized by the attainment of the infimum in the dual optimization problem. We show that optimization problems used by Bacharach (1970), Bachem and Korte (1979), Eaves et al. (1985), Marshall and Olkin (1968) and Rothblum and Schneider (1989) to study scaling problems can be derived as special cases of the dual problem for truncated scaling. We present computational results for solving truncated scaling problems using dual coordinate descent, thereby showing that truncated scaling provides a framework for modeling and solving large-scale matrix scaling problems.Research supported in part by NSF grants ECS 8718971 and ECS 8943458.  相似文献
This paper is dedicated to the memory of E.M.L. Beale. Not a small part of Martin Beale's success in developing and solving large-scale mathematical programs is attributed to the care he took in properly formulating his models.Our presentation concerns our efforts to also properly formulate a model. Our model is an economic model used for technology assessment. In order for it to be useful, it is important that the dual variables represent as realistically as possible real world prices. This required us to formulate the model as a time-staged economic equilibrium model. Our main result is a proof that an equilibrium formulation using expected aggregate demand can under certain conditions be replaced by one in which the economy is driven by an aggregate utility or objective function, one that promotes economic growth subject to physical flow constraints. We show that such an objective function always exists except for populations consisting of significantly large classes of people whose consumption patterns differ radically one from another. Assuming that the latter is not the case, this equivalent formulation means that mathematical programming software can be applied to efficiently solve the model. This paper summarizes an extensive paper entitled Deriving a Utilty Function for the U.S. Economy [3]. The main theorems are stated without proof.The authors wish to thank Kenneth Arrow, Gerard Debreu, Robert Dorfman, Dale Jorgenson and Lawrence J. Lau for their helpful comments.Research of this report was partially supported by the National Science Foundation Grants DMS-8420623, SES-8518662 and ECS-8617905; U.S. Department of Energy Grant DE-FG03-87ER25028; Office of Naval Research Contract N0004-85-K-0343, Electric Power Research Institute Contract RP 5006-01, and the Center for Economic Policy Research at Stanford University.  相似文献
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