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In the crystal structure of the title homoleptic CrII complex, [Cr(CH3CN)6](C24H20B)2·CH3CN, the [Cr(CH3CN)6]2+ cation is a high‐spin d4 complex with strong static, rather than dynamic, Jahn–Teller distortion. The electron density of the cation was determined by single‐crystal X‐ray refinements using aspherical structure factors from wavefunction calculations. The detailed picture of the electronic density allowed us to assess the extent and directionality of the Jahn–Teller distortion of the CrII cation away from idealized octahedral symmetry. The topological analysis of the aspherical d‐electron density about the CrII cation showed that there are significant valence charge concentrations along the axial Cr—N axes. Likewise, there were significant valence charge depletions about the CrII cation along the equatorial Cr—N bonds. These charge concentrations are in accordance with a Jahn–Teller‐distorted six‐coordinate complex.  相似文献   
Blasting is an inseparable part of the rock fragmentation process in hard rock mining. As an adverse and undesirable effect of blasting on surrounding areas, airblast-overpressure (AOp) is constantly considered by blast designers. AOp may impact the human and structures in adjacent to blasting area. Consequently, many attempts have been made to establish empirical correlations to predict and subsequently control the AOp. However, current correlations only investigate a few influential parameters, whereas there are many parameters in producing AOp. As a powerful function approximations, artificial neural networks (ANNs) can be utilized to simulate AOp. This paper presents a new approach based on hybrid ANN and particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm to predict AOp in quarry blasting. For this purpose, AOp and influential parameters were recorded from 62 blast operations in four granite quarry sites in Malaysia. Several models were trained and tested using collected data to determine the optimum model in which each model involved nine inputs, including the most influential parameters on AOp. In addition, two series of site factors were obtained using the power regression analyses. Findings show that presented PSO-based ANN model performs well in predicting the AOp. Hence, to compare the prediction performance of the PSO-based ANN model, the AOp was predicted using the current and proposed formulas. The training correlation coefficient equals to 0.94 suggests that the PSO-based ANN model outperforms the other predictive models.  相似文献   
We carry out a systematic study of various ground state and response properties of homonuclear diatomic molecules (from hydrogen to rubidium, including transition metals) as a function of atomic number of constituent atoms. We perform the ground state and response property calculations by using state of the art density functional theory/time dependent density functional theory. We observe that several properties of homonuclear diatomic molecules show periodic variations along rows and columns of the periodic table. The periodic variations in the ground state properties of diatomic molecules may be explained by the nature and type of the bond that exists between the constituent atoms. Similarly, the periodic variations in the response properties such as static dipole polarizability and strength of the van der Waals interaction between diatomic molecules have been correlated with the variations in metallic/nonmetallic character of the elements along the periodic table. © 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Int J Quantum Chem, 2012  相似文献   
岩石爆破开挖诱发振动的等效模拟方法   总被引:1,自引:0,他引:1  
岩石爆破开挖过程中爆炸荷载的复杂性、岩石介质模型的多变性、本构方程的多样性、以及群孔爆 破模拟计算工作量巨大等诸多因素使得准确模拟爆破诱发的围岩振动存在较大的困难,鉴于此提出一种等 效数值模拟方法。根据爆破过程炮孔周围岩石破坏范围的空间分布特征,确定群孔起爆条件下爆炸荷载作用 的等效弹性边界;通过分析炸药起爆后炮孔空腔动力膨胀、岩体裂纹扩展、炮孔堵塞物运动以及爆生气体的逸 出,计算了等效边界上沿炮孔轴向变化的爆炸荷载。结合瀑布沟水电站1# 尾水隧洞爆破开挖监测,基于动力 有限元法运用该等效技术模拟了围岩的质点振动速度。数值模拟与现场实测数据的对比表明该等效模拟技 术用于岩石爆破开挖围岩响应的计算是合适的。计算结果同时还显示,等效边界邻近岩体力学参数的选取对 计算结果有重要影响。  相似文献   
并联机器人刚度与静力学研究现状与进展   总被引:1,自引:0,他引:1  
并联机器人的刚度与静力学分析, 对于机构力学性能研究具有重要的理论价值和意义. 本文围绕杆支撑、绳牵引和钢带传动 3 种结构形式, 详细阐述了国内外并联机构刚度和静力学分析的研究现状. 着重从有限元、解析模型和性能分析 3 方面分析了杆支撑并联机构的刚度研究进展. 讨论了有关绳牵引并联机构中绳拉力、动载荷频率、绳牵引预紧力与刚度、静力学之间关系的研究成果. 根据钢带并联机器人结构的特殊性, 对钢带并联机构的刚度与静力学分析中可能遇到的失稳与振动问题进行了探讨. 最后, 对并联机器人技术发展情况进行总结与展望, 指出随着刚度分析与静力学分析的不断深入, 并联机器人的力学理论将会日趋成熟和完善, 为并联机器人机构优化设计提供更深入、系统的理论依据.  相似文献   
In this paper, we consider a MUSIC algorithm for locating point-like scatterers contained in a sample on flat substrate. Based on an asymptotic expansion of the scattering amplitude proposed by Ammari et al., the reconstruction problem can be reduced to a calculation of Green function corresponding to the background medium. In addition, we use an explicit formulation of Green function in the MUSIC algorithm to simplify the calculation when the cross-section of sample is a half-disc. Numerical experiments are included to demonstrate the feasibility of this method.  相似文献   
赵飞云  黄庆  蒋兴  于浩 《力学季刊》2011,32(1):124-128
核级承压容器力学分析是核设备分析法设计的重要组成部分.核级承压起动空气瓶,作为核电站应急柴油机厂房中的重要设备,它的工作状况直接影响到应急柴油机厂房中柴油机的正常运行.本文对核级承压起动空气瓶进行自重、设计压力、安全阀设定压力下的静态分析、结构屈曲分析、模态分析及地震载荷下的反应谱动态分析,并对结构在各使用限制条件下的...  相似文献   
固定接触界面法向静弹性刚度   总被引:5,自引:1,他引:4  
基于Hertz接触理论推导了两个微凸体之间互相作用的法向接触静弹性刚度.根据修正后的一个微接触点的平截面积尺寸分布,给出了界面的总法向接触静弹性条件刚度、总条件载荷的解析解.将法向静弹性刚度的解析解嵌入到有限元软件中,获得整机的理论模态.通过实验对解析解进行了定量验证.以机床结合部为研究对象,在理论振型与实验振型一致的...  相似文献   
通过大型有限元分析软件ANSYS/LS-DYNA,充分考虑钢筋和混凝土在结构倒塌时各自的受力状态和强度差异,运用分离式共节点模型模拟钢筋混凝土结构建筑物的爆破拆除倒塌过程.通过对倒塌过程中钢筋混凝土支撑立柱内侧和外侧的钢筋单元、混凝土单元的承载失效过程分析研究,对数值模拟效果与实际爆破效果对比分析得出:分离式共结点模型...  相似文献   
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