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A model for pore pressure-dependent cleat permeability is presented for gas-desorbing, linear elastic coalbeds under uniaxial strain conditions experienced in producing reservoirs. In the model, changes in the cleat permeability of coalbeds, which are idealised to have a bundled matchstick geometry, is controlled by the prevailing effective horizontal stresses normal to the cleats. Variations in the effective horizontal stresses under uniaxial strain conditions are expressed as a function of pore pressure reduction during drawdown, which includes a cleat compression term and a matrix shrinkage term that have competing effects on cleat permeability. A comprehensive analysis has revealed that the shape of the stress – pore pressure curve is predominantly determined by the magnitude of recovery pressure and rebound pressure relative to the initial reservoir pressure. A total of five possible scenarios have been identified with regard to response of the horizontal stress function to reservoir drawdown. When applied to four coalbed wells at two separate sites in the fairway of the San Juan basin, the model predictions at one site, where the three wells have shown increased absolute permeability during gas production, are in excellent agreement with the published pore pressure dependent permeability changes that were obtained independently from history matching the field production data. At a separate site the model correctly predicts, at least qualitatively, a strong permeability rebound at lower drawdown pressures that has been inferred through history matching the production data. An analysis of the effects of initial reservoir pressure on the response of effective horizontal stress to drawdown was carried out, with reference to the range of pressure likely to be encountered in the San Juan basin. The implications of this in terms of pore pressure dependent permeability are discussed.  相似文献
整体壁板挤压模应力分析和提高强度的措施   总被引:3,自引:0,他引:3       下载免费PDF全文
 铝型材整体壁板断面宽高比大(50~100以上)、形状复杂、精度 高、壁薄以及外形轮廓与长度尺寸大等特点决定了其在大型挤压机上 采用扁挤压筒进行挤压的生产方式. 扁挤压筒的设计与制造是大型铝 合金型材挤压最为重要的关键技术,因此对其进行应力分析十分必要. 利用ANSYS有限元方法比较分析了扁挤压筒和圆挤压筒的受力特点,还 提出了提高扁挤压筒强度的具体措施.  相似文献
混凝土桥梁拼接后收缩徐变计算方法分析   总被引:3,自引:1,他引:2  
叶见曙  温庆杰 《计算力学学报》2008,25(6):899-903,920
为分析混凝土收缩徐变对新旧拼接混凝土桥梁的影响,考虑每个计算步长内由混凝土收缩引起的应力的徐变作用和混凝土的弹性模量变化,根据能量原理推导了混凝土收缩徐变的位移法基本方程。分别按每个计算步长内应力为变值和常值,采用增量法推导了每个计算步长内收缩徐变的递推计算公式,并编制了相应的计算程序。对比分析表明,按每个计算步长内应力为变值的计算结果与实测值吻合良好,与每个计算步长内应力为常值相比,可以增大计算步长,减少叠加次数,大大加快程序计算速度。  相似文献
ABS注塑制品的模内蠕变试验研究   总被引:2,自引:0,他引:2       下载免费PDF全文
不同于传统的热残余应力分析,本文着眼于注塑制品的模内蠕变研究。通过测试ABS注塑薄板在不同工艺条件下的收缩变形,比较基于弹性理论的热收缩,进而得到了模内蠕变量。分析结果表明,模内蠕变对于降低制品最终的收缩变形起着重要的作用。在研究了各种工艺条件对制件模内蠕变的影响后,发现较低的模腔表面温度或较长的成型周期会导致蠕变增大,而制件在模内的蠕变(或应力松弛)主要发生在固化后的高温区。本文同时探讨了保压压力对蠕变的影响。高注塑保压压力通常会减小注塑件的收缩,但同时会减小制件模内蠕变。  相似文献
膨胀土胀缩性评价中有关问题的研究   总被引:1,自引:0,他引:1       下载免费PDF全文
林玉山  凌泽民 《力学学报》1998,6(3):264-268
膨胀土吸水膨胀、失水收缩,产生地表变形,进而导致建筑物破坏。本文就现行膨胀土胀缩性指标试验及地基变形量评价计算中有关问题进行了研究,认为以天然含水量为起始含水量测定土样胀缩率是不合适的,建议以缩限为起点进行膨胀试验,以胀限为起点进行收缩试验,采用加荷膨胀量(而非卸荷膨胀量)参加有荷载下的膨胀率计算。膨胀土地基勘察必须结合场地条件分析可能影响土体含水量变化的因素,对同一工程采用几种方法评价,互相对比、参照。  相似文献
Stresses in dried wood. Modelling and experimental identification   总被引:1,自引:0,他引:1  
The paper presents a simple mathematical model of drying that permits evaluation of moisture content distribution in dried wood during the constant and falling drying rate periods and, in particular, estimation of stresses generated from the moment when the moisture content at the body surface reaches the fibre saturation point (FSP). The acoustic emission method (AE) is used for monitoring the state of stress in dried wood. The numerically evaluated drying induced stresses are compared with the number of acoustic signals and their energy monitored on line during drying tests. It can be stated that the enhanced emission of acoustic signals occurs at those moments when the drying induced stresses approach their maximum. Both the numerical calculus and the experimental tests were conducted on a pine-wood sample in the form of a disk.  相似文献
The reference shrinkage curve of clay soil   总被引:1,自引:0,他引:1  
The objective of this work is to develop and validate a model that predicts the reference soil shrinkage curve, that is one without crack volume contribution, as a necessary preliminary step in future estimation of soil crack volume from soil shrinkage data. Current soil shrinkage models are based on the approximation of soil shrinkage data by some a priori taken mathematical expressions and justified by the fitting of their parameters to the data. However, the crack volume entering the data is not single valued and depends on shrinkage conditions. Unlike that the reference shrinkage curve is single valued. For soils with sufficiently high clay content when there are no large pores (lacunar pores) inside the intra-aggregate clay, the reference shrinkage curve is derived from the assumption of the rigid superficial (interface) layer of aggregates with changed pore-size range and distribution compared with the intra-aggregate matrix. This consideration is based on accounting for contributions of the interface aggregate layer and intra-aggregate matrix to the soil volume and water content during shrinkage. The reference shrinkage curve is predicted by eight fundamental physical immediately measured parameters of (i) the intra-aggregate matrix (including clay content); (ii) the aggregate structure; and (iii) the mean silt-sand grain size or mean interface layer thickness. The model was validated using the data for eight soils. In addition to the major potential application for estimating a soil crack volume, the model explains differences between the observed shrinkage curves of soil and pure clay, and it can have other numerous applications.  相似文献
This study highlights the joint effect of early polymerization shrinkage and longtermmoisture diffusion on the behavior of the restoration-tooth structure. The interphase debonding between particle and polymer resin in dental composite is taken into account by introducing the damage variable. The idealized model is designed and constructed for representing the restorationtooth structure, which consists of enamel, dentin, composite and interphase, each considered as homogenous material. The simulation is carried out using the general-purpose finite element software package, ABAQUS incorporated with a user subroutine for definition of damaged material behavior. The influence of Young‘s moduli of composite and interphase on stress and displacement is discussed. The compensating effect of water sorption on the polymerization shrinkage is examined with and without involving damage evolution. A comparison is made between the influence of hyper-, equi- and hypo-water sorption. Interfacial failure in the specific regions as well as cuspal movement has been predicated. The damage evolving in dental composite reduces the rigidity of composite, thus in turn reducing consequent stress and increasing consequent displacement. The development of stresses at the restoration-tooth interface can have a detrimental effect on the longevity of a restoration.  相似文献
提出内约束干缩应力和外约束干缩应力的概念,利用混凝土的蠕变理论,建立了考虑施工过程的有限元计算模型,编制了电算程序,计算了秦山核安全壳在施工过程中的干缩应力。  相似文献
Development of the digital image acquisition and analysis system is described here. The main goal of the developed system is to provide automated measurement of the fiber shrinkage while it is subjected to various controlled thermal histories. Fiber shrinkage is normally used as one of the criteria to characterize fiber performance. Accurate time-dependent information on shrinkage dynamics may be used for studying the effect of processing and materials on structure formation of polymer fibers.  相似文献
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