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The force production physics and the flow control mechanism of fish fast C-start are studied numerically and theoretically by using a tail-flapping model. The problem is simplified to a 2-D foil that rotates rapidly to and fro on one side about its fixed leading edge in water medium. The study involves the simulation of the flow by solving the two-dimensional unsteady incompressible Navier-Stokes equations and employing a theoretical analytic modeling approach. Firstly, reasonable thrust magnitude and its time history are obtained and checked by fitting predicted results coming from these two approaches. Next, the flow fields and vortex structures are given, and the propulsive mechanism is interpreted. The results show that the induction of vortex distributions near the trailing edge of the tail are important in the time-averaged thrust generation, though the added inertial effect plays an important role in producing an instant large thrust especially in the first stage. Furthermore, dynamic and energetic effects of some kinematic controlling factors are discussed. For enhancing the time-averaged thrust but keeping a favorable ratio of it to time-averaged input power within the limitations of muscle ability, it is recommended to have a larger deflection amplitude in a limited time interval and with no time delay between the to-and-fro strokes. The project supported by the CAS (KJCX-SW-L04)  相似文献
Numerical simulation and control of self- propelled swimming of two- and three-dimensional biomimetic fish school in a viscous flow are investigated. With a parallel computational fluid dynamics package for the two- and three-dimensional moving boundary problem, which combines the adaptive multi-grid finite volume method and the methods of immersed boundary and volume of fluid, it is found that due to the interactions of vortices in the wakes, without proper control, a fish school swim with a given flap- ping rule can not keep the fixed shape of a queue. In order to understand the secret of fish swimming, a new feedback con- trol strategy of fish motion is proposed for the first time, i,e., the locomotion speed is adjusted by the flapping frequency of the caudal, and the direction of swimming is controlled by the swinging of the head of a fish. Results show that with this feedback control strategy, a fish school can keep the good order of a queue in cruising, turning or swimming around circles. This new control strategy, which separates the speed control and direction control, is important in the construction of biomimetic robot fish, with which it greatly simplifies the control devices of a biomimetic robot fish.  相似文献
基于序列图像的鱼游运动机理分析   总被引:1,自引:0,他引:1       下载免费PDF全文
郭春钊  汪增福 《实验力学》2005,20(4):525-531
自上世纪60年代起,鱼游运动机理分析一直是研究的热点之一。本文提出了一种基于序列图像的鱼游运动机理分析方法,从图像处理的角度来分析鱼游运动机理问题。该方法首先通过图像差分得到鱼体的轮廓,然后利用能量函数自动抽取游动鱼体的体干曲线。在此基础上,通过样条曲线参数拟合进一步得到鱼体游动时体干曲线形变的准确数据和各种运动学参数。以黑鳍鲨稳态游动为例,本文还建立了鲹科模式游动的运动学参数模型并讨论了模型中参数对鱼体游动的影响。实验表明,相比于传统方法,本文所提出的方法无需对实验环境和对象加以限制,可以自动获得鱼类游动时的体干曲线形变的准确数据,从而据此建立更加真实有效的鱼游运动学参数模型。  相似文献
戴云彤  万宏  徐继刚  蒋明 《实验力学》2013,28(3):326-332
根据变截面悬臂梁受迫振动响应来模拟鱼体变形,并设计了单驱动仿生机器鱼,进行了机器鱼直线巡游、转弯和加速-滑行实验。由高速摄像机记录机器鱼运动过程,对序列图像进行处理,获得机器鱼动力特性。结果表明:单驱动机器鱼最大稳态速度约为1BL/s,最小转弯半径约为270mm,尾流动力特性良好;论证了摆动频率与摆幅对速度的影响以及摆幅与速度对转弯半径的影响;在加速滑行时间比率2∶1的情况下,速度值较大,进而提出了提高游动效率的方法。研究结果证明单驱动方式较传统驱动方式更合理。  相似文献
利用历史数据,对光纤陀螺随机漂移进行准确建模,对提高光纤捷联惯导系统的精度具有十分重要的意义。文中详细介绍了人工鱼群算法(Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm,AFSA)和改进人工鱼群算法(Improved Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm,IAFSA),给出了AFSA对随机信号建模的详细步骤和方法,分别应用传统的时间序列分析方法、人工鱼群算法、改进人工鱼群算法对光纤陀螺的随机漂移进行了建模。建模结果表明,AFSA对光纤陀螺随机漂移建模准确,比传统时间序列分析建模精度提高1.5%,IAFSA建模精度比AFSA建模精度更高,其收敛速度也更快。无论是从建模复杂度上,还是在建模精度上,AFSA和IAFSA均优于传统的时间序列分析方法,IAFSA是一种收敛速度更快、建模精度更高的光纤陀螺随机信号建模方法。  相似文献
The propulsion performance of a flexible plate undergoing an arbitrary harmonic motion in a two-dimensional and inviscid fluid is addressed. This plate being free of external forces, heaving and pitching cannot be imposed and are the results of recoil conditions on the body. Linear unsteady airfoil theory is first used to calculate the average thrust and power required for swimming. The propulsive performance is then discussed in terms of hydrodynamic efficiency, energy consumption and average swimming speed and two different asymptotic regimes are identified: the low-velocity regime and the high-velocity regime. The optimal swimming gaits are calculated in the different regimes as a function of the plate mass ratio and leading-edge suction. Finally an empirical non-linear model is proposed to complement the linear model and the optimal swimming modes are calculated and discussed within this framework. For a fixed number of degrees of freedom, it is found that the Strouhal number of the optimal mode is almost constant, independently of the swimming regime.  相似文献
A set of simplified boundary conditions for a flexible beam connected to a rigid body at one end and free at the other end is presented and applied to the case of a fluid-conveying, fluid-immersed pipe. These boundary conditions represent an analytically tractable approximation to those of a submersible which uses a combination of jet action and flutter instability induced tail motion to produce thrust. The boundary conditions are made non-dimensional, and the effect of the non-dimensional mass of the rigid body on system stability is assessed. The neutral stability of this system is determined within a two-parameter space consisting of the velocity of the fluid within the tail, and the forward speed of the submersible. Equations in the literature, derived using slender-body theory, were used to compute the sign of the thrust produced by the tail and the tail's Froude efficiency for the neutrally stable waveforms of the beam.  相似文献
研究生物材料力学性质是生物力学的重要内容之一。测量材料粘弹性性质的传统方法是单轴拉伸松弛或蠕变实验。与传统方法不同,为了测量鱼体材料粘弹性性质,本文设计了一种用于测量鱼体材料性质的弯曲变形试验机,通过模拟鱼体摆动,可以测得鱼体材料的储能模量、耗散模量、滞后相位角等参数。通过弹性体(铜片)和粘弹性体(橡胶)材料实验验证了该试验机的可靠性,并对鱼鳍进行了实验,计算出鱼鳍的粘弹性性质的各个参数。实验结果表明,实验测试系统可靠而且简单实用。  相似文献
在大型有限差分软件FLAC3D平台上进行二次开发,利用内嵌FISH语言编程,对盾构隧道动态施工过程中上部基桩承载力的影响进行数值仿真模拟,模型考虑盾构前方土仓压力、盾尾同步注浆、注浆凝结和未凝结两种状态以及衬砌管片施加等施工参数。从桩侧摩阻力、桩端阻力等方面对盾构开挖过程中上部桩基承载力进行分析,以及土仓压力变化对承载力影响。研究结果表明:随着隧道开挖,桩侧摩阻力、桩端阻力发生复杂变化,桩底部出现负摩擦力,桩端轴力为拉力,对基桩竖向极限承载力有一定的影响;并且开挖面距桩轴线不同位置,土仓压力对基桩竖向极限承载力影响不同。  相似文献
实验表明,鱼洗内的流动存在高度非线性的相互作用,并最终导致表面连续性的破坏.在数值模拟中,这类问题是非常难处理的.该文从离散的观点出发,直接考虑容器内部粒子的运动.即采用分子动力学方法,模拟鱼洗内的流动.该方法所考虑的实质是颗粒流动,不要求介质是连续的,从统计物理的观点看,当所模拟的粒子数非常大时,在统计上和连续介质相当.该文首先发展了基于消息传递(MPI)的并行计算程序,可以用来做大规模的颗粒流动模拟.对鱼洗内的颗粒流动模拟结果表明,在外界激励下,鱼洗内的颗粒流动表现出的现象和液体流动类似,边界的能量以波的形式向内部传播,并很快耗散掉,在边界激励点附近,颗粒因为受到边界和内部粒子的挤压作用而跳起,从直观现象上看,和鱼洗的流动实验一致.在能量的概率密度分布函数中,可以观察到两个明显的指数区.  相似文献
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