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This paper describes the development of an analytical procedure to determine malachite green (MG) residues in salmon samples using molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) as the extraction and clean-up material, followed by liquid chromatography-linear ion trap mass spectrometry (LC-QqQLIT-MS/MS). MG and two structurally related compounds, crystal violet (CV) and brilliant green (BG) were employed for the selectivity test. The imprinted polymers exhibited high binding affinity for MG, while CV and BG showed less binding capacity: 47% and 34%, respectively. The recovery values of MG in salmon samples fortified with leucomalachite green (LMG) were determined by measuring the amount of MG in the sample, after carrying out the oxidation reaction with 2,3-dichloro-5,6-dicyano-1,4-benzoquinone (DDQ), which converts the LMG back into chromic-form. The average recovery of MG in spiked salmon muscle over the concentration range 1-100 ng g−1 was 98% with a relative standard deviation value (R.S.D.) below 12%. The method detection limits (MDLs) obtained for MG, CV, BG and their leuco-metabolites were in the range of 3-20 ng kg−1 (ppt).  相似文献
Microcystins, hepatotoxic cyclic heptapeptides, are produced by freshwater cyanobacteria, and are classified four groups according to the amino acid structure at unit 7. Normal microcystins contain N-methyldehydroalanine (Mdha) or dehydroalanine (Dha) at unit 7, and command the great part of all microcystins. As unusual microcystin classes, [Dhb7]microcystins, [ - and -Ala7, or N-MeAla7]microcystins and [ -Ser7]microcystins have been found.

On tumor initiation and/or promotion activities of microcystins, the tumor promotion activity of normal microcystins has been found, but cancer-related activities of microcystins belonging in the other classes have not been clear.

To determine normal microcystins as hepatotoxic tumor promoters, a selective determination method was developed. Only Mdha or Dha in normal microcystins was reacted with glutathione (GSH). The GSH-normal microcystins conjugates were reacted with trinitrobenzene sulfonate (TNBS). The TNB–GSH-normal microcystin conjugate can be determined as the total normal microcystin by colorimetry. After methanolysis of the conjugate, dimethyl TNB–glutamate from the conjugate was determined by liquid chromatography/ultraviolet detection (LC/UV) and/or liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS). The detection limits of the total normal microcystin by colorimetry, LC/UV and/or LC/MS were 1 μg, 10 and 0.1 ng, respectively.  相似文献

夏瑞  车宝泉  张喆 《色谱》2007,25(6):926-929
 为了打击药物的非法滥用,建立起鉴别中药制剂中可能添加的糖皮质激素的液相色谱-质谱分析方法。针对不同的中药剂型,采用不同的试样处理方式。提取后的样品溶液采用Diamond C18柱(5 μm,250 mm×4.6 mm)分离,以流动相A(水-四氢呋喃,体积比为100∶1)和B(乙腈-水-四氢呋喃,体积比为80∶20∶1)进行梯度洗脱。通过与对照品保留时间、一级质谱及二级质谱图的对比进行定性。应用该法鉴定了中药制剂中的糖皮质激素,在供试品溶液中检出了醋酸泼尼松。  相似文献
Wang X  Li P  Yang Y  Zhang W  Zhang Q  Fan S  Yu L  Wang L  Chen X  Li Y  Jiang J 《色谱》2011,29(6):517-522
建立了超声提取-液相色谱-电喷雾三重串联四极杆质谱测定玉米、大米、大豆等粮油固体样品中黄曲霉毒素B1、B2、G1和G2(AFB1、AFB2、AFG1和AFG2)的方法。分析前对样品进行超声提取,优化得到最佳超声提取条件: 溶剂为甲醇-水(含40 g/L NaCl) (80:20, v/v)溶液、料液比为1:3(g:mL)、温度为50 ℃、时间为3 min。然后对提取的样品进行免疫亲和特异性净化。最后与液相色谱-电喷雾三重串联四极杆质谱联用,使用C18反相色谱柱,流动相为甲醇-10 mmol/L乙酸铵水溶液梯度洗脱,以黄曲霉毒素M1(AFM1)作为内标进行定量测定。结果表明,AFB1、AFB2、AFG1和AFG2的检出限分别为0.002、0.004、0.004和0.012 μg/kg。方法的加标回收率为87%~111%,日内相对标准偏差(RSD)和日间RSD分别不大于6.7%和5.6%。实验结果表明该方法可以有效地降低基质效应的影响,相比于外标法能极大地提高方法的准确度。  相似文献
液相色谱-质谱联用在兴奋剂检测中的应用及进展   总被引:2,自引:1,他引:1       下载免费PDF全文
秦旸  徐友宣  杨树民  朱绍棠 《色谱》2008,26(4):431-436
 液相色谱-质谱联用技术已越来越广泛地应用在兴奋剂的检测中,其中包括对各类小分子兴奋剂和肽类激素等的检测。本文综述了近年来液相色谱-质谱联用在兴奋剂检测中的筛选、确证和定量方面的应用及进展情况,并讨论了相关的检测标准。  相似文献
王龙星  金静  王淑秋  王幸福  田玉增  陈吉平 《色谱》2012,30(11):1094-1099
非正常食用油(俗称地沟油)是我国食品安全领域亟须解决的问题。准确可行的地沟油检测方法被分析工作者广泛关注。由于国人的饮食习惯,辣味调料在餐饮业应用广泛,而辣椒碱是引起辣味的主要化学物质,因此可作为鉴别地沟油的潜在指标。本文采用固相萃取-液相色谱-串联质谱技术,建立了食用油中3种微量辣椒碱(辣椒素、二氢辣椒素及壬酸香草酰胺)的检测方法。首先用20 g/L氢氧化钠水溶液提取油样中的辣椒碱,再将提取液用C18小柱富集净化后进行液相色谱-质谱检测。用该法对国家食品安全风险评估中心提供的67个盲样进行了分析,结果表明辣椒碱是一个良好的地沟油特征指示物。凭借这3种辣椒碱指标,阳性样品正确识别率达到75%,阴性样品正确识别率达到100%。目前本方法已经成为国家卫生部最新公布的4种地沟油仪器检测方法之一。  相似文献
An analytical method for the simultaneous determination of trace amounts of fourteen endocrine disrupter chemicals (EDCs) in urban wastewater samples has been developed. The studied compounds were: bisphenol A and its chlorinated derivatives (monochloro, dichloro, trichloro and tretrachlorobisphenol A), three alkylphenols (4-n-nonyl, 4-n-octyl and 4-(tert-octyl)phenol) and six well known phthalate esters (dimethyl, diethyl, di-n-butyl, butylbenzyl, bis(2-ethylhexyl) and di-n-octylphthalate). The method involves extraction from the samples and preconcentration of the analytes using a solid-phase extraction (SPE) procedure and subsequent liquid chromatographic separation with mass spectrometric detection (LC−MS). Bisphenol F was used as a surrogate. Quantification limits found ranged between 12 ng L 1 for diethylphthalate and 69 ng L 1 for 4-(tert-octyl)phenol. The method was satisfactorily used for determination of these chemicals in urban wastewater samples of Granada City (Spain) and validated using a recovery assay with spiked samples.  相似文献
A highly sensitive and selective liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) method has been developed for the determination of epirubicin in serum and cell specimens using daunorubicin as an internal standard. Using atmospheric pressure chemical ionisation (APCI), the epirubicin metabolites were readily distinguishable by their fragmentation pattern in the mass spectrometer. Selected reaction monitoring (SRM) mode was employed for quantitation of epirubicin and the metabolites. Following extraction, chromatography was performed on a C18 column with a mobile phase consisting of water-acetonitrile-formic acid, pH 3.2, with a flow rate of 200 μl/min. The limit of detection (LOD) and the limit of quantitation (LOQ) of this method in serum were determined to be 1.0 and 2.5 ng/ml, respectively. Linearity of the method was verified over the concentration range of 2.5-2000 ng/ml, with a high correlation coefficient (R2 ≥ 0.998). For the extraction procedure, an aliquot of 500 μl serum, spiked with internal standard, was extracted using a chloroform-2-isopropanol (2:1, v/v) mixture. The method has been applied to the analysis of epirubicin in cancer cell samples and the identification of known and unknown metabolites in clinical trial patient serum samples.  相似文献
Elimination of interfering substances in urine by solid phase extraction (SPE) prior to analysis resulted in 10-fold improvement in the sensitivity of atrazine mercapturate (AM) enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) compared to previous reports. Of the two tested SPE systems, Oasis® HLB and MCX, the mixed-mode MCX gave good recoveries (82%) of AM in spiked samples measured by ELISA, whereas the reverse-phase HLB phase was not compatible with the immunochemical method. At relatively high concentrations of urinary AM (>20 ng mL−1), sample dilution was effective enough for the elimination of interfering substances. The new liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) method developed for AM utilizes online-SPE with Oasis® HLB, column switching and a stable-isotope internal standard. The limit of quantification (0.05 ng mL−1) indicates improved sensitivity compared with most previously published LC-MS methods for AM. Validation of all three methods, LC-MS, ELISA + SPE and ELISA + dilution with spiked urine samples showed good correlation between the known and measured concentrations with R2 values of 0.996, 0.957 and 0.961, respectively. When a set (n = 70 plus 12 blind duplicates) of urine samples from farmers exposed to atrazine was analyzed, there was a good agreement (R2 = 0.917) between the log normalized data obtained by ELISA + SPE and LC-MS. High correlation among the data obtained by the two tested methods and the LC-MS method by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), together with low variability among the blind duplicates, suggests that both methods reported here would be suitable for the analysis of urinary AM as a biomarker for human exposure of atrazine.  相似文献
4-Nonylphenol (NP) and octylphenol (OP) were measured by direct ELISA in both laboratory-fortified and surface water samples collected monthly from 10 rivers. In this procedure, samples were concentrated by solid phase extraction (SPE) using Lichrolut RP-18 sorbent with good recoveries obtained for both LC-MS and ELISA, giving a low level of detection (LOD) at the range of low μg L−1 and good reproducibility. Analysis of 40 surface water samples demonstrated that the ELISA may be a useful screening tool for the determination of the alkylphenols in surface water matrices. The concentration of NP and OP in surface waters ranged from 0.11 to 6.58 μg L−1. A good correlation of results obtained by ELISA and LC-MS within the concentration range of 0.08-6.86 μg L−1 was found in the river samples [R2 = 0.924, n = 39]. The influence of various factors on assay determination was also discussed.  相似文献
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