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The original protocol of two-dimensional electrophoresis with immobilized pH gradient (IPG-Dalt; Gorg et al., Electrophoresis 1988, 9, 531-546) is updated. Merits and limits of different methods for sample solubilization, sample application (by cup-loading or ingel rehydration) with respect to the pH interval used for IPG-isoelectric focusing are critically discussed. Guidelines for running conditions of analytical and micropreparative IPG-Dalt, using wide IPGs up to pH 12 for overview patterns, or narrow IPGs for zoom-in gels for optimum resolution and detection of minor components, are stated. Results with extended separation distances as well as automated procedures are demonstrated, and a comparison between protein detection by silver staining and fluorescent dyes is given. A brief trouble shooting guide is also included.  相似文献
TiO2光催化反应及其在废水处理中的应用   总被引:190,自引:1,他引:189  
TiO2多相光催化能利用太阳能有效降解多种对环境有害的污染物,使有害物质矿化为CO2、H2O及其它无机小分子物质。本文综述了TiO2光催化的机理,提高光催化能力的途径,多种具有代表性污染物的光催化降解处理方法,以及目前尚存在的一些问题,扼要介绍了近年来TiO2光催化反应及其在废水处理中应用的研究进展及应用前景。  相似文献
中国全新世大暖期的气候波动与重要事件   总被引:175,自引:0,他引:175  
根据70年代以来中国全新世孢粉及其他古植物、古动物、古土壤、古湖泊、冰芯、考古、海岸带变化等多方面研究资料,推断中国全新世大暖期(Megathermal)出现于8。5—3ka BP,延续达5.5ka,其间有多次剧烈的气候波动与寒冷事件。8.5—7.2ka BP为不稳定的暖、冷波动阶段,伴随着降水增加和植被带的北迁西移。新石器文化的迅速发展。7.2—6ka BP为稳定的暖湿阶段,即大暖期的鼎盛阶段(Megathemal Maximum)。夏季风降水及新疆与蒙古,北方降水显著增加,植被空前繁茂,为仰韶文化的盛期。6—5ka BP是气候波动剧烈,环境较差的阶段,出现强降温事件,影响文化发展。5ka BP后,气候和环境较前改善,文化遗址数量猛增。4.0ka BP左右,气候一度恶化,出现大洪水灾害,此后直到3ka BP左右气候仍相当暖湿。  相似文献
低热固相合成化学   总被引:175,自引:0,他引:175       下载免费PDF全文
本文介绍了固相化学反应,概述了高热、中热、低热固相反应在合成化学中的地位,重点阐述了低热固相反应的特征及其在无机、有机、材料化学中的应用,列举已在工业生产中使用的低热固相反应实例,阐明低热固相合成确实是工业生产中一条节能、高效、减污的理想通道。  相似文献
近红外分析中光谱预处理及波长选择方法进展与应用   总被引:149,自引:0,他引:149  
光谱预处理和波长选取方法在近红外光谱分析技术中相当重要。本文综述了常用的NIR预处理和波长选取方法及这一领域的最新进展,详细介绍正交信号校正(OSC)、净分析信号(NAS)和小波变换(WT)等新光谱预处理方法以及无信息变量消除(UVE)和遗传算法(GA)等波长选取方法,并给出了这些方法的具体算法和一些应用实例。  相似文献
聚合物/层状硅酸盐纳米复合材料研究进展   总被引:133,自引:0,他引:133  
聚合物/层状硅酸盐(PLS)纳米复合材料是近10年迅速发展起来的研究交叉科学。由于聚合物纳米复合材料具有常规聚合物复合材料所没有的结构、形态以及较常规聚合物复合材料更优异的物理力学性能、耐热性和气体液体阻隔性能等,因而显示出重要的科学意义和应用前景。本文综述了聚合物/层状硅酸盐纳米复合材料的制备,结构表征和物理力学性能,对制务过程进行了热力学和动力学分析,最后对其应用前景进行了展望。  相似文献
二氧化钛的尺寸与光催化活性的关系   总被引:129,自引:3,他引:126       下载免费PDF全文
采用溶胶-凝胶法控制制备了晶粒尺寸从10nm到80nm的二氧化钛纳米半导体.用光催化降解苯酚作为模型反应,结合XRD,DRS,FS等表征手段,研究了纳米TiO2的制备条件与其晶粒尺寸和相结构的关系,探讨了纳米TiO2尺寸效应对其光催化活性的影响.发现当晶粒尺寸小于16nm时,二氧化钛半导体具有了明显的尺寸量子效应.尺寸量子效应对提高TiO2光催化降解苯酚的催化活性起了极为重要的作用.  相似文献
Rapid analysis of amino acids using pre-column derivatization   总被引:125,自引:0,他引:125  
A new approach to the pre-column derivatization and analysis of amino acids is described. The method is based upon formation of a phenylthiocarbamyl derivative of the amino acids. The derivatization method is rapid, efficient, sensitive, and specific for the analysis of primary and secondary amino acids in protein hydrolyzates. The liquid chromatographic system allows for the rapid, bonded-phase separation with ultraviolet detection of the common amino acids with 12-min analysis time and a 1-pmol sensitivity.  相似文献
绿色化学与绿色化学教育   总被引:123,自引:10,他引:113  
朱文祥 《化学教育》2001,22(1):1-4,18
本文介绍了绿色化学的定义和内涵,绿色化学的12条原则,“原子经济”概念,绿色化学的研究动态以及实施绿色化学教育的意义和方法。  相似文献
A modified Neuhoff's colloidal Coomassie Blue G-250 stain is reported, dubbed "blue silver" on account of its considerably higher sensitivity, approaching the one of conventional silver staining. The main modifications, as compared to Neuhoff's protocol, were: a 20% increment in dye concentration (from 0.1% up to 0.12%) and a much higher level of phosphoric acid in the recipe (from 2% up to 10%). The "blue silver" exhibits a much faster dye uptake (80% during the first hour of coloration, vs. none with a commercial preparation from Sigma). Even at equilibrium (24 h staining), the "blue silver" exhibits a much higher sensitivity than all other recipes, approaching (but lower than) the one of the classical silver stain. Measurements of stain sensitivity after sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) of bovine serum albumin (BSA) gave a detection limit (signal-to-noise ratio > 3) of 1 ng in a single zone. The somewhat lower sensitivity of "blue silver" as compared to classical silvering protocols in the presence of aldehydes is amply compensated for by its full compatibility with mass spectrometry of eluted polypeptide chains, after a two-dimensional map analysis, thus confirming that no dye is covalently bound (or permanently modifies) to any residue in the proteinaceous material. It is believed that the higher level of phosphoric acid in the recipe, thus its lower final pH, helps in protonating the last dissociated residues of Asp and Glu in the polypeptide coils, thus greatly favoring ionic anchoring of dye molecules to the protein moiety. Such a binding, though, must be followed by considerable hydrophobic association with the aromatic and hydrophobic residues along the polypeptide backbone.  相似文献
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