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In this paper,we study the normality criterion for families of meromorphic functions concerning shared set depending on f∈F.Let F be a family of meromorphic functions in the unit disc A.For each f∈F,all zeros of f have multiplicity at least 2 and there exist nonzero complex numbers b_f,c_f satisfying(i) b_f/c_f is a constant;(ii) min{σ(0,b_f),σ(0,c_f),σ(b_f,c_f)} ≥m for some m 0;(iii) E_f'(S_f)■ E_f(S_f),where S_f = {b_f,c_f}.Then F is normal in A.At the same time,the corresponding results are also proved.The results in this paper improve and generalize the related results of[10-11]and  相似文献   

For harmonic map f: M→N,P.Baird and J. Eells have successfully foundout its stress-energy tensor S_f=e(f)g- f*h,which is called 1-stress-energy tensorin order to differ from what we’ll develop later.In view of the original defini-tion of 2-harmonic maps,people would ask what is the associated 2-stress-energytensor and the second conservation law of 2—harmonic maps.  相似文献   

Let f be a proper edge coloring of G using k colors.For each x∈V(G),the set of the colors appearing on the edges incident with x is denoted by S_f(x)or simply S(x)if no confusion arise.If S(u)■S(v)and S(v)■S(u)for any two adjacent vertices u and v,then f is called a Smarandachely adjacent vertex distinguishing proper edge coloring using k colors,or k-SA-edge coloring.The minimum number k for which G has a Smarandachely adjacent-vertex-distinguishing proper edge coloring using k colors is called the Smarandachely adjacent-vertex-distinguishing proper edge chromatic number,or SAedge chromatic number for short,and denoted byχ'_(sa)(G).In this paper,we have discussed the SA-edge chromatic number of K_4∨K_n.  相似文献   

本文给出了Hom-李代数上新的一系列上边缘算子,证明了这些上边缘算子所对应的上同调群都是同构的.接着,本文研究了这些上边缘算子的性质,得到:向量空间g上的Hom-李代数结构与Λg~*■V上的一系列上边缘算子是一一对应的.  相似文献   

管梅谷 《数学学报》1960,10(3):267-275
这篇文章利用表上作业法来说明图上作业法的被检查圈可以大大减少,实际上,图上作业法与表上作业法是等价的,作者所获得的结论也可由图上作业法的性质直接证明.和本文相反,我们也可以一切从图上作业法出发,然后再引出表上作业法的性质来.一般说来,从图形出发证明较简,因为有较多的几何直观性.  相似文献   

将集合论中的覆盖概念抽象到完全分配格L上,利用它定义格L上关于覆盖的上(下)近似算子,给出格L上覆盖粗糙集模型.文中先讨论格L上覆盖的相关性质,进而研究了覆盖上(下)近似算子的性质,得到若干结果.  相似文献   

1引言"斜光到晓穿朱户",月光把窗玻璃上的几何图形投影到地板上,窗玻璃上的线段投影到地板上还是线段,点在线段上,投影后仍然如此,平行线段还是平行线段;但直角可能变成锐角或钝角,圆就变成  相似文献   

讨论了模糊数空间的上确界度量化问题,指出了已有上确界度量,即一致Hausdorff度量的不足。利用区间数和模糊数的关系,给出了模糊数空间上的一种新的上确界度量,即EW-型上确界度量,并通过实例验证了其有效性和合理性。讨论了EW-型上确界度量的相关性质,并证明了EW-型上确界度量同样使模糊数空间成为完备的度量空间。  相似文献   

研究了从上半平面的Hardy空间到增长型空间和Bloch空间上的加权复合算子有界性的充要条件,给出了上半平面增长型空间上的加权复合算子有界性的充要条件,利用上半平面增长型空间和圆盘增长型空间之间的同构,获得了圆盘增长型空间上的加权复合算子有界性的充要条件.  相似文献   

随着线上零售业的快速发展,线上零售策略优化研究对提高线上零售商决策水平,维持线上零售业继续健康发展具有积极意义.在概述关于线上零售策略优化已有研究成果的基础上,利用数学方法严格解析了两种常用销售策略之间的联系和差异,在考虑冲量(市场份额)对消费者线上购买行为和销售量的影响的条件下,建立了线上零售商销售策略组合优化问题的非线性混合整数规划模型,并基于模型分析了零售商应该采用的销售策略优化方案.  相似文献   

Dynamic viscoelastic properties of ladder polyorganosiloxanes have been studied by the method of induced resonance oscillations in the temperature range from –150 to 300°C and in the frequency range from 8 to 300 Hz. Two broad maxima of mechanical losses were observed for all the polymers studied independently of their chemical structure, a low-temperature maximum in the –150 to 0°C region and a high-temperature maximum in the 0 to 250°C region. It was found that the introduction of alkyl groups into polyphenylsilsesquioxanes does not noticeably affect the position and nature of the low-temperature relaxation peaks but in certain cases leads to an increase in the dynamic modulus in polyphenylalkylsilsesquioxanes, compared with the modulus of polyphenylsilsesquioxane in the same temperature region. In the high-temperature region, a distinct dependence is observed of the relaxation peak on the length and the content of alkyl groups in the polymer. It has been found that increase in the length and the content of alkyl groups is accompanied by a shift in the peak in the direction of low temperatures and a decrease in the value of the modulus. Hypotheses have been suggested on the nature of the shifts which lead to the relaxation peaks observed in the ladder polyorganosiloxanes.Institute of Heteroorganic Compounds, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow. Translated from Mekhanika Polimerov, No. 5, pp. 804–809, September–October, 1973.  相似文献   

In the framework of the model with fusion of quark–gluon strings on the transverse lattice, we find the asymptotic behavior of the correlation coefficients between observables in separated rapidity intervals with a high string density in a realistic case with an inhomogeneous distribution of strings in the impact parameter plane. We calculate the asymptotic forms for three types of correlations: between the average transverse momenta of particles with rapidity in these intervals, between the average transverse momentum of particles in one rapidity interval and the multiplicity of particles in another, and also between the multiplicities of charged particles in these intervals. We show that the previously found independence of the asymptotic form of the correlation coefficient between the average transverse momenta from the variance in the number of particles produced in string fragmentation holds only in the case of a uniform distribution of strings in the transverse plane. We also show that the found general expressions for the long-range correlation coefficients in the particular case with a uniform distribution of strings in the transverse plane become the formulas previously obtained by another method applicable only in this simple case.  相似文献   

University education for operational research in Britain is making great and welcome strides forward, but there has been little open discussion of its aims in relation to the advance of the profession. Progress in operational research, and in its application to the really worth-while problems of industry in particular, depends primarily on strengthening the industrial operational research group in its “front line” role. We need a research study of the teaching and practice of industrial operational research, in relation to effectiveness. We need “collaborative” programmes of operational research education in which the university and the industrial operational research group each contribute, in a man's training over a period of years, in the ways in which each is most competent. We need emphasis on “breadth” as well as “depth” in operational research education, and greater attention to the mutual contributions of operational research, teaching and practice, and the teaching and development of management. An impressionist sketch of a programme which might meet these needs is put forward for discussion of principles and feasibility.  相似文献   

The article deals with the effect of a human agent on the activity realization in a project. It does so from the perspective of the Theory of Constraints where the weakest point is the deadline of partial activity. Every existing activity in any project is, to a higher or lower extent, determined by the effect of the human agent. The inefficiency of a number of projects in practice is largely caused by an unsuccessful realization of partial activities. The effect of the human agent is in this respect fundamental. The human agent, as an allocated resource in the activity, is liable to a number of non-specified impacts and stimuli, and as such s/he is rather versatile in his/her behaviour. The versatility of the human agent in projects can be described by the “Student Syndrome” phenomenon and by the first “Parkinson’s law”. Both these qualitative phenomena create a starting point for the introduced theoretical and quantitative research. The findings in this article are based on the set of real data of work effort of the students of daily study programme on one university in the Czech Republic. The article presents, as the authors’ own theoretical contribution, a mathematical model for the “Student Syndrome” phenomenon with a practical use in quantitative methods of project management. This model was derived analytically from a performed data analysis and we can assume that it will be useful for further theoretical development of quantitative methods in project management. In the article we deduce the theoretical differentiation of the “Student Syndrome” phenomenon in work effort into three terminable phases during three different types of resource work allocation. We can regard this original viewpoint as suggestive for the area of human resources management in projects. Its contribution lies in delimitation of time-targeted resource stimulation, which may lead to lower project costs, besides higher work efficiency and compliance with time-targeted deadlines of activity termination. The article brings the quantification of qualitative features of the human agent in project management.  相似文献   

Increased consumption of fossil fuels in industrial production has led to a significant elevation in the emission of greenhouse gases and to global warming. The most effective international action against global warming is the Kyoto Protocol, which aims to reduce carbon emissions to desired levels in a certain time span. Carbon trading is one of the mechanisms used to achieve the desired reductions. One of the most important implications of carbon trading for industrial systems is the risk of uncertainty about the prices of carbon allowance permits traded in the carbon markets. In this paper, we consider stochastic and time series modeling of carbon market prices and provide estimates of the model parameters involved, based on the European Union emissions trading scheme carbon allowances data obtained for 2008–2012 period. In particular, we consider fractional Brownian motion and autoregressive moving average–generalized autoregressive conditional heteroskedastic modeling of the European Union emissions trading scheme data and provide comparisons with benchmark models. Our analysis reveals evidence for structural changes in the underlying models in the span of the years 2008–2012. Data‐driven methods for identifying possible change‐points in the underlying models are employed, and a detailed analysis is provided. Our analysis indicated change‐points in the European Union Allowance (EUA) prices in the first half of 2009 and in the second half of 2011, whereas in the Certified Emissions Reduction (CER) prices three change‐points have appeared, in the first half of 2009, the middle of 2011, and in the second half of 2012. These change‐points seem to parallel the global economic indicators as well. Copyright © 2016 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.  相似文献   

This paper deals with minimization problems in the calculus of variations set in a sequence of domains, the size of which tends to infinity in certain directions and such that the data only depend on the coordinates in the directions that remain constant. The authors study the asymptotic behavior of minimizers in various situations and show that they converge in an appropriate sense toward minimizers of a related energy functional in the constant directions.  相似文献   

Asymptotic methods in the theory of differential equations and in nonlinear mechanics are commonly used to improve perturbation theory in the small oscillation regime. However, in some problems of nonlinear dynamics, in particular for the Higgs equation in field theory, it is important to consider not only small oscillations but also the rolling regime. In this article we consider the Higgs equation and develop a hyperbolic analogue of the averaging method. We represent the solution in terms of elliptic functions and, using an expansion in hyperbolic functions, construct an approximate solution in the rolling regime. An estimate of accuracy of the asymptotic expansion in an arbitrary order is presented.  相似文献   

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