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In this paper we prove some theorems of commutativity for near-rings with generalized derivations. As a consequence of the results obtained, we generalize some published results. Also, we give some examples to show that some conditions in some results obtained are not redundant.  相似文献   

利用多重拓扑度的性质以及一些不等式研究了零指标的Fredholm算子和L-全连续算子方程Nx=δLx的解,获得若干新的结果,推广了一些重要结论,并将结果应用到一类二阶微分方程的边值问题中.  相似文献   

给出了一些从仿紧拓扑空间到FC-空间的新的连续选择;也给出了一些从仿紧拓扑空间到局部FC-一致空间的新的邻近选择.这些结果改进且推广了一些近来的结论.  相似文献   

We investigate the interrelations of some families of weak forms of open sets and point out that some of them are the same. Also, we make comparisons of some weak forms of continuity and give decompositions of some of them.  相似文献   

讨论了高阶变系数泛函微分方程解的振动性,并给出了这类高阶变系数函数方程解的若干新振动准则.结果推广了目前已有的某些结果.并且给出了在差分方程中的应用.  相似文献   

For even-dimensional manifolds, we prove some twisted anomaly cancellation formulas which generalize some well-known cancellation formulas. For odd dimensional manifolds, we obtain some modularly invariant characteristic forms by the Chern-Simons transgression and we also get some twisted anomaly cancellation formulas.  相似文献   

研究了限制李三系的半单元的一些重要性质,给出了若干个限制李三系是可换的条件,得到了限制李三系的有环面元基的几个条件,刻划了限制李三系的Frattini p-子系的一些性质.同时,研究了中心为零的所有元素是半单元的限制李三系的一些重要性质.  相似文献   

We study some semilinear elliptic equations with singular coefficients which relate to some Hardy–Sobolev inequalities. We obtain some existence results for these equations and give a theorem for prescribing the Palais–Smale sequence for these equations. Moreover, we find some interesting connections between these equations and some semilinear elliptic equations in hyperbolic space. Using these connections, we obtain many new results for these equations.  相似文献   

We use some interpolation operators and some Bernstein type operators for construction of surfaces which satisfy some given conditions.  相似文献   

This paper discusses a kind of bent functions that have some symmetric properties about some variables. Section 2 mainly discusses the bent functions symmetric about some two variables and gives the necessary and sufficient condition for these functions. Section 3 gives algebraic expressions of some bent functions.  相似文献   

In this article, we investigate some operator-norm inequalities related to some conjectures posed by Hayajneh and Kittaneh that are related to questions of Bourin regarding a special type of inequalities referred to as subadditivity inequalities. While some inequalities are meant to answer these conjectures, other inequalities present reverse-type inequalities for these conjectures. Then, we present some new trace inequalities related to Heinz means inequality and use these inequalities to prove some variants of the aforementioned conjectures.  相似文献   

颗粒随机分布复合材料热传导问题均匀化方法的理论分析   总被引:1,自引:0,他引:1  
针对区域内颗粒随机分布复合材料的热传导问题给出了一种均匀化理论计算温度场.首先根据复合材料的特性以及通过用多尺度方法预测复合材料热传导参数的要求定义了一些基本的概率空间,然后结合材料的物理特性做合理的假设得到了在整个随机复合材料区域上的期望温度场与均匀化温度场之间的一种理论估计,从而说明了此均匀化温度场可以作为预测此类随机颗粒分布复合材料期望温度场的理论基础.  相似文献   

隐马尔可夫模型 (HMM)的基本技术是语音识别中较为成功的算法 .主要是它具有较强的对时间序列结构的建模能力 .本文首先深入浅出地介绍了 HMM的基本技术和一个基于 HMM的孤立词语音识别系统的构成方法 ,其次 ,基于 HMM尚存有一些缺陷 ,造成语音识别能力较弱 ,为此本文又进一步阐述了语音识别应用中的几种改进的 HMM系统及目前的热点方法—— HMM与 ANN构成的混合网络  相似文献   

J—自共轭微分算子谱的定性分析   总被引:6,自引:0,他引:6  
王忠  孙炯 《数学进展》2001,30(5):405-413
本文对J-自共轭微分算子谱理论研究情况做一些概要性的介绍,第一部分简要回顾了J-自共轭微分算子理论研究的发展过程,第二,三部分介绍了J-自共轭微分算子的本质谱和离散谱定性分析的主要方法和结论;第四部分扼要叙述J-自共轭微分算子其它方面的一些工作,以及J-自共轭微分算子谱理论研究中尚待解决的问题。  相似文献   

In this paper, we present some basic notions of simple ordered semihypergroups and regular ordered Krasner hyperrings and prove some results in this respect. In addition, we describe pure hyperideals of ordered Krasner hyperrings and investigate some properties of them. Finally, some results concerning purely prime hyperideals are proved.  相似文献   

关于AP-内射环和AGP-内射环(英文)   总被引:2,自引:0,他引:2  
本文研究了AP-内射环和AGP-内射环的von Neumann正则性问题.利用P-内射环和Y J-内射环的研究方法及GW-理想的性质,得到了AP-内射环和AGP-内射环是(强)正则环的一些条件.推广了文献[7,12,14]中的相关结果.  相似文献   

Approximate solutions of some functional equations as the best approximation of the exact solutions in some suitable spaces have been obtained and some applications given.  相似文献   

I analyze some classical solutions of the skeptical argument and some of their week points (especially the contextualist solution). First I have proposed some possible improvement of the contextualist solution (the introduction of the explicit-implicit belief and knowledge distinction beside the differences in the relevance of some counter-factual alternatives). However, this solution does not block too fast jumps of the everyday context (where empirical knowledge is possible) into skeptical context (where empirical knowledge is impossible). Then I analyze some formal analogies between some modal arguments on the contingency of empirical facts (and the world as whole) and the skeptical arguments against empirical knowledge. I try to show that the skeptical conclusion “Empirical knowledge does not exist” is logically coherent with the thesis that they are empirical facts and that we have true belief on them. In order to do that without contradictions I have to accept a non-classical definition of knowledge: S knows that p:= S is not justified to allow that non-p. Knowledge and justified allowance function here as some pseudo-theoretical concepts which allow only some partial and conditional definitions by some “empirical” terms and logical conditions.  相似文献   

In this note, we study some properties of local random pull-back attractors on compact metric spaces. We obtain some relations between attractors and their fundamental neighborhoods and basins of attraction. We also obtain some properties of omega-limit sets, as well as connectedness of random attractors. A simple deterministic example is given to illustrate some confusing problems.  相似文献   

This paper discusses the existence problem in the study of some partial dif-ferential equations. The author gets some bifurcation on the prescribed mean curvature problem on the unit ball, the scalar curvature problem on the n-sphere, and some field equations. The author gives some natural conditions such that the standard bifurcation or Thorn-Mather theory can be used.  相似文献   

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